Fred HolabirdFred Holabird has been active in the mining industry for more than 25 years. He began his career as a mineral exploration geologist, and quickly moved into a position as mine geologist at a producing gold mine.

Always interested in the historical side of the mining business, Holabird has invested in mining related documents and books for many years. At one point he headed a large scale business dealing in collectible Americana, culminating with the marketing of the Atocha treasure at Caesar's Palace.

Mr. Holabird is well published in both technical as well as hobby related mining and western publications. Mr. Holabird has been responsible for discovery and production at two Nevada gold mines, overseeing their operations. Since running his last gold mine (which also involved the cleanup of extensive mercury tailings and cyanide left by former operators), he has been involved in a lengthy EPA-related mine and mill site cleanup in Colorado.

A part of Fred's business is consulting to any part of the mining business. One of his latest projects is as a consultant for the SS Central America Treasure, a ship that sunk in 1857 with tons of gold on board. The ship has been recovered and was the subject of a Discovery Channel documentary.

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 Barbara Wilson is our Office Manager and Fred Holabird’s personal assistant. In addition to administrative management, Barbara also facilitates every aspect of our catalog projects, including marketing, writing, editing and is responsible for designing and laying out every catalog. Her data management skills and special artistic vision are the reason our catalogs win awards.

 Jim Vallier attended his first Kagin auction over 50 years ago. Since that time he has built for himself and others some of the finest collections in Western Numismatics and Americana. Jim exemplifies our company’s logo, experience, stability and passion. Sales, purchases, consignments or want lists are given his personal attention.

 Uwe Nikoley is our photographer and imaging expert, as well as our EBay Manager. With an academic background in electrical engineering, Uwe has brought the latest technological advancements and efficiency to his position at HKA. His long hours, dedication, perfectionism and determination have been a invaluable asset and continue to improve the quality of our catalogs. 

 Ariana Patmas
A native of New Jersey, Ariana has been with Holabird-Kagin since 2010 as a researcher and describer and also helps manage and organize inventory, photograph for the catalog, and handle administrative duties for the front office.  Ariana graduated from the University of Nevada, Reno in 2011 with a bachelor’s degree in history and a minor in cultural anthropology. She is now working towards a graduate degree in education.  She loves the historical atmosphere of HKA and is essential to the cataloging, photography and auction process.

Paul Williams is a well-known numismatist and former President of the Reno Coin Club. As an experienced editor Paul helps contribute colorful descriptions to our catalogs and assists with the editing process. His long, successful career in air-traffic control has him well-equipped for the stress that can occur in a busy business or on the auction floor and Paul’s calm, cool demeanor helps keep the rest of the staff at ease.

Paul Williams

Carol Baker is our resident historian and American Indian specialist. Carol majored in Western American History at the University of Arizona and worked for the Nevada Historical Society during her career before meeting Fred.She has worked for Fred for the last ten years, assisting with research, writing descriptions, and editing our publications.

Jack Carrerowis part of our describing team. He brings a rich and colorful writing background ranging from historical articles in newspapers to writing screenplays for comedy shows such as the 1980’s hit Bosom Buddies. When not at the Holabird office, he can often be found tending bar at the Red Dog Saloon in historic Virginia City, giving his patrons history lessons. In his spare time he plays drums, sings in a band, and runs his own farm in Carson City.

Keira Hambrick
After growing up in southern West Virginia, Keira moved West to earn her Master’s degree in Literature & Environment studies at the University of Nevada, Reno. As the newest member of the Holabird-Kagin Americana describing team, Keira fits right in with her passion for research and writing. In addition to grant writing, working on her novel, and editing for academics and creative authors, she enjoys Latin dancing, teaching writing at UNR, sustainable gardening, Acro-Yoga, and learning something new every day. 

Ben Milander
Ben is a Software and Hardware engineer with many years experience in the printing and publishing business. He supports the computer and software systems which support our operations. He is an expert in Microsoft Access database and Adobe InDesign publishing software. He also loves history and especially classic cars and 50's memorabilia.

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