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Alameda through Contra Costa
Death Valley through Lake
Lassen through Oakdale
Placer through San Francisco
San Joaquin through Yuba
Alamosa through El Paso
Fremont through Grand
Gunnison through Summit
Teller - Cripple Creek & Colorado Unknowns
Churchill through Eureka
General through Mineral
Ormsby through Railroad
Nevada Unknowns through White Pine
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CALIFORNIA - Placer County through San Francisco County



434.        Placer.  American Eagle Mines Co. Inc. in NV, 1924.  Issued to Joseph Selafney for 5000 shares in 1924.  Signed by vp J.H. Cullen Jr. and sec. C.H.. Blake.  Vignette at top of mine and mill buildings with workers in foreground loading train car with bags of ore.  10 x 5.  Uncancelled.  Folds, very fine.  This company has the same name as a company of which I was vice president of operations. We sometimes got sent these certificates by transfer agents or brokers trying to get new stock issued for old. The only problem was that this was a completely different company.  This company owned 15 claims at Eucre Bar on the north fork of the American River near Towle, Placer county.  The property showed a quartz vein in slate and the pay shoots were from 100’ to 200’ long.  The ore contained gold and silver and was said to average $21 per ton.  Ten men were employed in 1925.  (Ref: Mines Hdbk, 1926, pp428-9.)  Est $25-50

435.        Placer.  Auburn & Rock Creek GMC.  Cert.#49.  Incorporated in New York.  Issued to John Permingham for 100 shares in 1880.  Signed by president P.W. Bowen and secretary Charles L. Burmham.  Uncancelled.  Black border on crème paper.  6 1/4” x 10 1/2”.  Xf, tips of corners folded.  California mill was constructed in 1880, probably with funds from this offering.  In late 1880 they reported a “chute of exceedingly rich ore.” (Burchard 1881). By 1881 the mine had become idle, reported that J. W. Foulkes & Co. owned it, thus the A&RC GMC probably lost their lease, and the investors their money. (Burchard 1882).  Est. $150-300

436.        Placer.  Auburn.  Robert Gordon Family Archive. Includes three c1860 tintypes, one of Gordon in front of his 1850 constructed brick building Auburn business on the corner of Main and Commercial. The collection includes two photo albums, one circa 1885 and the other post 1920, and about 100 pp of detailed genealogical records of the family, tracing the roots of three different families from Ireland in the 1700’s directly to Auburn in the 1850’s through about 1950. Highlights of the collection are certainly a 5x7 ferro-type of Robert Gordon on a buggy in front of his store, circa 1860 and 5x7 ferro-type of he and his wife, possibly taken by Jacobs, a prominent Auburn photographer of the period.
                Robert Gordon (1824-1877) came to Auburn in 1849 from Ireland. He built the first brick building in Auburn in 1850. His wife Mary Howald Kaiser (b1832), from Switzerland, arrived in 1856. Mary was married to Kaiser, who built the first brewery in Auburn. After he died, she married Gordon.  The pair were married in 1863 and had three children, Clara, John and Norma. Norma married into the White family. Mary had a daughter Rose with Kaiser. Norma married John K. White in 1893. Both were born in Auburn and of Irish parentage. Detailed genealogical records record the lives of dozens of family members from the 1700’s through about 1950.
     The archive contains the three large tin types and an album of snapshots of the family in Auburn, along with numerous cdv’s, all of which are labeled with family members names, all found in the genealogies. One of the albums contains thirty loose pages with an average of about 4 photos per page, circa 1885-1900, probably of Norma Gordon White’s family in Auburn. Included are photos of the Placer Co. courthouse, their house, a stage coach, a bird’s eye view of Auburn, and a plethora of family shots. A second album contains about 100 more recent family photographs, circa 1930-45. There are numerous letters and news clippings regarding family genealogy, and about 100 pp of specific genealogical family notes on three families.
                The patent for tin or ferro-types was issued in 1855. By 1860, these cameras were all over America. The view of Gordon and his building in Auburn appear to be dated about 1860, taken ten years after its construction. [ref: Mautz] Est. $1500-3000

437.        Placer.  Cisco.  Main Street, Cisko (sic), Placer Co, Stereocard, c. 1868.  The scene is of a mining camp.  The card is from the Popular American Scenery, C.P.R.R. Series.  The town was name after John J. Cisco, Treasurer of C.P.R.R. from 1863-1869, at the suggestion of Charles Crocker (Gudde, 1949).  In this series of stereocards, Cisco is misspelled.  Very fine.  Est. $100-200

438.        Placer.  Clipper Gap.  Clipper Gap Datelined Letter, 1873.  The letter is written to Major Jeff Wilcoxson by Geo Applegate.  The letter informs Mr. Wilcoxson about what Applegate has done to improve his ranch including enclosing 32 acres in “hog tight fence”.  Applegate refers to other projects he has done.  Includes the cover which is torn along right edge.  Very fine.  Est. $75-150

439.        Placer.  Gold Run.  Gold Run Mining District/Indiana Hill Documents, 1864-1928.  Collection of 52 deeds, agreements, contracts and title reports dating from 1864-1928 for mining properties situated near Indiana Hill and/or the Gold Run Mining District.  At least one document has Chinese writing around the edge.  Very fine.  Est. $150-300

440.        Placer.  Iowa Hill.  Golden Gate Placer Mining Co. Manuscript Letter & Letterhead, 1885.  Written to Geo. W. Swan in S.F. from A. D. Bowley, datelined Iowa Hill, Placer Co., Cal., 1885.  Mr. Bowley is offering his Golden Gate Mine for sale at $75,000 with the terms to be negotiable.  He claims that he has confined and defined a stretch along a channel that averages “one ounce to the pick per day”.  Bowley sounds very confident in his interpretation of the ore location.  Fold creases with slight staining.  Very fine.  Est. $75-150

441.        Placer.  Iowa(?).  Golden Gate Mine Check, 1911.  Issued to Helen Lee for $34, check #73.  See lot above for the story.  Mint condition.  Est. $25-75

442.        Placer.  Lincoln.  Lincoln, CA, Documents, 1882-1906.  Lot of 7 pcs.  Six of the documents are billheads issued to A. B. Allen.  The last is a letter from the Grand Lodge of the State of California, I.O.O.F., asking all the members in CA to participate in the “California’s 40,000 Night”.  Billheads are as follows:  (1)  Citrus Rebekah Degree Lodge, No 129, I.O.O.F., Lincoln, 1891.  (2)  Valley Lodge, No 107, I.O.O.F., 1889, Lincoln.  (3)  No printing at top, datelined Lincoln, 1888.  (4 & 5)  Two state and county tax invoices for 160 acres and a $500 improvement, 1887 & 1890.  (6)  A. L. Bancroft & Co, Publishers of the Works of Hubert Howe Bancroft, for which A. B. Allen purchased Vol 1 of the Bancroft Works, 1884.  The tax documents have tears along fold creases as well as the billhead without printing.  Some chips and small pieces missing from the Citrus Rebekah billhead.  Fine to very fine.  Est. $50-100

443.        Placer.  MacIntire Mining & Lumbering Co.  Incorporated in California in 1886.  Cert. #126, issued to John J. McIntire for 5 shares in 1888.  Signed by President Jno. L Browley and Secretary F. L. Browley.  “Transferred” in red ink across face of certificate.  No vignettes.  Black border on white paper.  4-1/4 x 9-1/2.  No printer noted.  Location of Works: Placer County, Cal. printed on certificate. Not mentioned in State Mineralogist reports of 1888 to 1896.  Datelined Oakland, Cal.  A few small stains, slight wrinkling. Very fine.  Est. $50-100
444.        Placer?  Bloomfield.  Cabinet Photograph c 1885 of a hydraulic placer mine, probably in Placer County near Iowa Hill. 5 x 8” mounted on dark board, no photographer shown. On obverse is the photographic signature of Adams, “Mill City, Humboldt Co., Nev”  Clearly Adams goofed on this print and somehow stacked this print on top of another during the development or fixing process. Faint image can still be seen through the light lettering, showing that  the entire piece of photographic paper was exposed, and the development process was not stopped until the back of another card lay on top. On the reverse is “Bloomfield mine, California” written in pencil.  Bloomfield was a classic hydraulic mine. The longtom can be seen in the foreground. Est. $100-200



445.        Plumas.  Clio.  Clio Lumber Co. Photograph by P. J. Thompson of Loyalton, Cal., circa 1900.  Outstanding photograph of the mill, pond, lumber yard of this company.  10 x 12” mounted on board.  Est. $150-300

446.        Plumas.  Crescent Hills.  Photopostcard of an extremely snowy scene.  Postmarked Crescent Hills, Cal., 1911.  Addressed to Johnsville, Cal.  Photo is slightly blurry but shows at least 3 feet of fresh snow.  There is a small tear along bottom edge.  Very fine.  Est. $25-50

447.        Plumas.  Plumas County Gold Nuggets Photopostcard, c. 1910.  Card reads “Plumas county Nuggets (actual size)”  One of the pictured nuggets is 7.42 oz ($133.74) and the other is 13.74 ($247.32).  Those values are from cry from what they would be worth today which would be closer to $2000 and $3500.  Very fine.  Est. $25-50

448.        Plumas.  Portola.  W.P.R.R. Oiler.  (Western Pacific RR).  With 929.46 miles of track, the rail line ran from San Francisco to Salt Lake City, via Sacramento, Marysville, Oroville and Beckwith, the lowest pass in the Sierras.  Today, the W.P.P.R museum resides in Portola.  The can has a 4” handle, with which one would have carried the oiler, and a removable top sits atop the can.  Judging from threading a the top lip of the can, a piece that may have screwed together with the can is presumably missing.  6” total x 4 1/2” diameter at the bottom, tapering up into a 2” diameter at the top.  The side bears a metal label with “W.P.P.R” embossing.  Was dug by Tom Johnson.  Removable lid with 3” chain.  Quite rusted, dirty, with a small dent near label and bottom.  Fine.  Est. $50-150

449.        Plumas.  Round Valley.  Cherokee Quartz Mill Letter, 1863.  The letter is written to Wm. Bolinger at the Cherokee Quartz Mill at Round Valley, Plumas County, inquiring about the purchase or lease of a good quartz mine.  The letter is written by Donald Darwin, who is interested in moving is quartz mill to a favorable location.  The letter is noted at top as sent by Wells, Fargo & Co Express and the lot includes a franked envelope that is torn along the right edge.  In Gudde (1949), Cherokee has its peak from 1865-1870 and never had a post office.  This letter predates the boom noted by Gudde.  Round Valley is not listed in Gudde for Plumas County.  Gudde lists a Round Valley in Mendocino County which was named by Fremont.  Very fine.  Est. $100-200

450.        Plumas.  Taylor Plumas Mill & MC.  Inc. in NY.  Cert #1853, issued to J.R. Kennedy, Trustee for 100 shares in 1887.  Signed by pres. W.G.Robinson and sec. LS. Sevey Spartan.  Vignette of miners working outside of mine opening, above ground.  “Location of Property, Plumas County” printed on certificate.  Brown border and print.  Printer – Theo. Dollard, NY.  The name changed from the Crescent Mine to the Taylor mine in 1882.  It was discovered in 1864, was a producing mine and was worked through 1864.  It produced good ore for aobut 10 to 20 years, but was defunct and in disrepair by 1917.  (Ref: Burchard, 1882, p84; Boyle, p110.)  Est. $150-250

451.        Plumas.  Taylorsville.  Fourth of July Broadside, 1952.  There was to be a dance on July 3, a centennial parade and program beginning at 10 am and the 3rd annual rodeo and barbeque.  Small tears along edge.  11 x 14.  Very fine.  Est. $25-75
452.        Plumas.  Taylorsville.  Hercules Powder Co Billheads, 1916-1917.  Lot of 5 pcs.  There are three billheads for fuse and blasting caps ordered by J. C. Young of Taylorsville destined for Crescent Mills.  The 1916 billhead has been torn and is missing about 1.5 inches of the left edge.  The other two are very fine.  Includes two Hercules Powder Co checks from 1963 to Stanley Harris.  All very fine.  Est. $25-50

453.        Plumas.  Taylorsville.  Prospector in Taylorsville Photopostcard, c. 1910.  The photocard on the front is edged.  The reverse is of the smaller size postcard, with an apparent cutting of the card, but the photo is unaffected.  Very fine.  Ext. $25-50

454.        Plumas.  Taylorsville.  Railroad Expense Bills, 1904 7 1909.  Lot of 4 pcs.  Two are from the Boca & Loyalton RR.  The other two are from the Sierra Valleys Railway Co.  All are shipments to the J. C. Young Co in Taylorsville.  One of the SVRR papers is torn along the left edge.  Fine to very fine.  Est. $50-75

455.        Plumas.  Taylorsville.  Sierra Valleys Railway Co. Archive, 1909.  Lot of 100+ pcs.  Archive of shipments in and out of Taylorsville, Cal.  Fine.  Est. $200-300

456.        Plumas. Genesee.  Gruss Mining Co.  Incorporated in California in 1917.  Cert. #3573, issued to S.V. Baumsteiger for 1000 shares in 1922.  Signed by President W.J. Gruss and Secretary (illegible).  Cancelled by hole punches through signatures.  Vignette of bald eagle clutching shield and arrows.  Orange border and underprint.  8-1/2 x 11-3/4.  Printer – A. Carlisle & Co. S. F.  The old Genesee mine was said to have yielded $1 million in gold and silver.  This company reopened the mine, intending to work it for copper.  Consisted of a vein at a slate/meta-andesite contact bearing chalcocite and massive sulfides.  In about 1920 the company shifted its focus to the Surcease mine in Butte County that it optioned from the Goldfield Consolidated Mines Exploration Co.  About 1922-23 it relinquished this option and took out a lease on the Finney Mine at Downieville. (1920,1925 & 1931 volumes of the Mines Handbook)  The company was reported inactive in the 1949 Mines Register.  Glue stain on left edge, fine.  Est. $25-50



457.        Railroad.  Central Pacific Documents., 1873-1881.  Lot of 3 pcs.  The first is a manuscript letter on Central Pacific Railroad letter datelined Sacramento, 1873.  The letter is sent to satellite branch discussing a new method of recording sales information.  The second is a manuscript letter on Central Pacific Railroad datelined San Francisco, 1881.  The letter is written to D. A .Bender of the V & T RR in Carson City.  Both of these letters are signed by T. H. Goodman.  The third piece is a CPRR billhead to the V & T RR for the use of an engine at the Reno switching yard dated 1876.  Very fine.  Est. $150-300

458.        Railroad.  Wayside Notes on the Sunset Route, Southern Pacific, 1908.  This softbound book was issued by the Passenger Department of the Southern Pacific, San Francisco.  The book is a souvenir and promotional piece describing travel along the Sunset Route from San Francisco to San Diego and on to Arizona.  Each of the stops is describe, even the small towns of Felton and Monterey.  The covers are in color.  Within are several small photographs of the notable places of towns which the train stops.  The cover is almost detached at the binding.  5 x 6.5.  Very fine.  Est. $50-100



459.        Redlands.  Bear Valley Irrigation Co.  Inc. in 1890.  Cert.#36, issued to Electa A. Fay for ten shares in 1891.  Signed by transfer agent, Arthur H. day and treas. W. G. Bartlett.  Nice vignette at top of the New Bear Valley Dam.  Green border and underprint.  14 coupons attached.  14 x 10.  Very fine.  There’s quite a story behind this company and its founder.  In 1883, Frank Elwood Brown, co-founder of Redlands, traveled with Hiram Barton (vineyardist and sheep rancher) to Bear Valley in search of the perfect place for water storage to be used for the valley’s farms in summertime.  There are conflicting stories about how Brown knew to look in Bear Valley, but some say he read about it in the San Bernardino
Weekly Times article published by Fred Perris in 1880 regarding this area’s potential for water storage.  After surveying the area, Brown was faced with the challenge that most of the valley was privately owned and used for sheep and cattle grazing.  J.S. Slauson, a wealthy Los Angeles banker, and an ex-miner named Richard Garvey owned most of it, while Southern Pacific Railroad owned another section.  Brown purchased a 20-day option on Bear Valley for $500 and he used these 20 days to take innumerable trips with potential investors to see the site.  By the end of the allotted time, the Bear Valley Land and Water Company was formed.  Bear Valley Land and Water was almost continually involved in litigation over water rights and although they usually won – it was costly, in time and money.  The goal was to retain rights to the entire water shed: no small feat!  But as the rights were being secured, Brown started building the dam in July 1883.  It was not until July of 1885 that the first water flowed from the dam.  In about 1889-90, Brown began a series of selling stocks from his own companies to other companies that were his own.  After organizing the Bear Valley and Alessandro Development Company c1889 they bought all of the Bear Valley Water Company (and 20,000 acres of the Alessandro), then they incorporated the Bear Valley Irrigation Company, which bought all of the original Bear Valley Land and Water Company, including the dam, from Bear Valley and Alessandro.  All of this was done, of course, to make money!  (Ref: The San Bernadinos by Robinson, publisher – Big Santa Anita Historical Soc., pp169-178; Only One Redlands, 1963, pp102-105.)    Est. $



460.        Sacramento.  Dreamland Dance Hall/ 5c//blank, 22mm, octagonal, al, au. Three pieces. Est $10-25

461.        Sacramento.  Sacramento.  Black & Co Fantasy $20 Gold Piece.  Sac. California Gold/SMV.900/(pic of a press)/1855/20 Dollars//Blake & Co/20/Assayers.  Rd, br(?), 32 mm.  This reverse design shows concentric circles around the 20 in the middle.  This design is not shown or described for Blake & Co gold coins.  Rough points along edges.  Xf.  Est. $25-50

462.        Sacramento.  Sacramento.  Darius Ogden Mills & Co. Bill of Exchange, 1864.  Issued to William Condon for $600 gold.  Check #21131.  Vignette at top right of a side-paddle wheel steamer.  Vignette at left of a schooner.  Very small vignette at bottom center of a dog laying down.  Crème paper with “SECOND” in gray underprint.  Printer - Bald, Coysland & Co, New York.  4 x 9.  Paper is slightly acidified at lower left corner with resultant staining and chips.  Upper left corner has small piece missing.  Extremely fine.  Est. $150-300

463.        Sacramento.  Sacramento.  Governor’s Special Message to the Legislature in relation to Corporations, 1854.  The address concerns incorporations of companies especially directed at the steam navigation companies.  The Governor is concerned that monopolies may develop.  6 pps.  Front and rear cover missing.  5 x 7.  Printer - George Kerr, State Printer.  Fine.  Est. $25-75

464.        Sacramento.  Sacramento.  Native Sons of the Golden West Centennial Commemorative Coin.  (pic of the capitol with Us Flag and CA State flag and bear)/Native Sons of the Golden West/(ring of small stars along edge//Friendship Loyalty Charity/1875/Centennial/1975/100 Years.  Rd, br, 39 mm.  Vf.  Est. $25-50

465.        Sacramento.  Sacramento.  Revenue Laws of the State of California, 1897.  Original hard bound cover with California State Seal pressed on back cover.  3 x 5.  Title states “…Prepared for the use of Assessors, Collectors, Auditors, and State and County Officers.  128 pps.  Near mint condition.  Est. $100-200



466.        San Bernardino or Inyo. Three photographs of an unidentified mill. All 6 x 10” each, horizontal format, matted. Each says “Joy-Grantz” on the bottom, probably a Los Angeles Photographer. These three photos were originally in a dilapidated frame with a Los Angeles frame company emblem on the back. We removed them from the frame and a larger mat hoping for identification. One photograph shows the mill in its completed form and two photos show the mill after an explosion or fire. They appear to date to about 1935. A large dry lake can be seen in the background of one photo. All are in a very arid desert setting, typical of Inyo or San Bernardino deserts. Each in excellent condition and quality. These should be identifiable to a southern California mining expert. Est. $100-200
467.        San Bernardino.  Mojave.  Red Rock Canyon Photopostcard, c. 1910.  Rock Formation in Red Rock Canyon, Mojave Desert, California, 0816 written on bottom of the card.  The scene is of a sandstone outcrop that is slightly dipping from right to left.  Unused.  Very fine.  Est. $25-50

468.        San Bernardino.  Mojave.  Sanchez and Soledad G&SMC.  Inc. in CA.  Cert.#863, issued to M.W. Sprague for 25 shares in 1883.  Signed by president James Noel and sec. I.W. Felt.  Green and black masthead with the State Seal of Colorado incorporated into the design.  Black border, black print and green underprint.  Seal includes Mojave Mining Dist., San Bernardino County.  12 x 7 1/4.  Uncancelled.  XF.  No printer noted.  This company was mentioned by Burchard in 1885 as beginning to develop their property. Assays of $20 to $1000 per ton were reported. The certificate states the mine is in the Mojave district, San Bernardino County, while the Mojave district has also been noted in Los Angeles county and Kern county. Is was located at the townsite of Goldtown, which may have changed names later. The district is on the edge of Townships 10 and 11 N, R 12 W, centered on Soledad Butte, 4 miles southwest of Mojave. The key ore veins are on the north flank of Soledad Mountain. The ore generally occurs in quartz veins 4-15 feet wide.  Free gold and horn silver are noted in the literature. The district was notably skipped over by early writers of California gold deposits, and is not found in the Report of State Mineralogist until the mid-1890’s. The Sanchez & Soledad Co. didn’t leave much of a mark in history. We were unable to determine just which property they held.  The discovery period of the district appears to be about the time of this certificate, though the early gold discoveries near Soledad could also be here. [ref: Tucker in Mining in California, Sept. 1923, pp156-164]  Est $200-400

469.        San Bernardino.  Needles.  Mount Whipple GMC.  Cert.#182.  Incorporated in Arizona in 1903.  Issued to J.L. Curtis for 7990 shares in 1919.  Cancelled.  Signed by president J. L. Curtis and secretary W. Worthing.  Central vignette of a mill on a river’s edge, flanked by two smaller vignettes of underground mining scenes.  Green border and seal.  Printed by Goes.  8 1/4” x 11”.  Vf, folds, red cancellation across certificate.  This company was probably a reorganization of the Mount Whipple Mining Company.   The company’s office was located in Needles and its property near Empire Flats, on the Colorado River, near the junction of the Bill Williams Fork River.  The property consisted of 10 claims, developed by a 1000 ft tunnel from which small shipments or ore had been made, assaying up to 15% copper, with materially larger gold values.  (Copper Handbook, 1908, p. 1000; 1910-1911, p. 1242,)  Mount Whipple Mining Company was listed as dead in Vol. XI of the Copper Handbook.  Est. $25-75

470.        San Bernardino.  Needles.  Needles Mining & Smelting Co.  Cert.#13.  Incorporated in Maine.  Issued to James J. Storrow for 1 share in 1910.  Signed by president Sharp.  Brown border, no vignette.  Printed by John A. Lowell Bank Note Co.  8” x 10 3/4”.  Xf, folds.  The company consisted of various properties in both California and Arizona, a limesote quarry in San Bernardino CA, and a smelter on the bank of the Colorado River, 1 mile NW of Needles.  By 1912-13, the smelter was not in operation, but the company, nonetheless, was producing 200 tons of gold ore at $15 per day.  (Ref: Weed, 1912-1913, pp.626, 627).  Est. $30-50

471.        San Bernardino.  Randsburg.  Yellow Aster M&MC Vouchers, 1902.  Lot of 3 pcs.  Datelined Randsburg, CA., August 14, 1902.  4” x 7 3/4”.  Vf, some stains.  On the heals of the famed Cripple Creek , and precedents of the Tonopah and Goldfield bonanzas, the Yellow Aster was perhaps one of the most important gold mines of the late 19th century in Southern California.  The group, consisting of three prospectors, John Singleton, Fred Mooers and Charles Burham, struck rich gold veins in the desert hills of east San Bernardino.  With the help of pioneer woman Rose, wife of Charles, the band successfully ran the Yellow Aster up through the early part of the 1900’s.  Perhaps without the integral hand of Rose, the company would not have reaped such rewards as it did.  As a result, all of the original partners, with exception to Mooers who died before 1900 and before the wealth, lived the lives of prosperous mining men.  Est. $50-100

472.        San Bernardino.  San Bernardino.  San Bernardino/Eagle.  San Bernardino &/ S & S/ Eagle Soda Works.  Embossed aqua 12 oz. soda bottle.  Circa 1905.  Rare.  Clean, mint.  Est. $25-50
473.        San Bernardino.  Woodstock Mining Co.  Cert.#717.  Incorporated in South Dakota in 1901.  Issued to John Cox for 500 shares in 1904.  Signed by President Charles S. Allison.  Uncancelled.  Three vignettes; top center of rugged canyon with mill, river and steam train, two at upper corners of 3 miners inspecting a sample, and of miners loading ore bucket.  San Bernardino, California printed below company name.  Black border with gold underprint and seal.  5-1/2 x 10.  Printer – Goes. Very fine.  Est. $50-75

474.        San Bernardino.  Yermo.  Calico Photopostcard, c. 1920.  Silver Mine Tunnel, Calico Ghost town, Yermo, Cal.  The scene shows a run down mine portal with mostly covered rail tracks entering and a rusting upside down ore cart at the left.  At adit entrance is a posted sign that says Dangers, Zonda(?) Mine, Keep Out.  Very fine.  Est. $50-75



475.        San Diego.  San Diego.  California Expedition Medal.  “Eastside Beer Gold Medal Winner” on obverse, and “Panama-Pacific-International Exposition” on reverse.  Rd, br, 28mm, xf, dark around edges and at high points.  Est. $25-50


476.        San Diego.  San Diego.  San Diego & Coronado Ferry Co.  Two Pass Cards, 1895 & 1919.  The 1895 card had blue ink on blue paper, #64, issued to E. H. Hornbeck and is 1.5 x 3.  The second card has black ink on gray paper, #93, signed by W. Ciagtos and is 2.5 x 4.  The older card has some wear to reverse; the other is mint.  Est. $75-150



477.        San Francisco & Sacramento.  Druggist Billheads, Early, 1862-1872.  Lot of 4 pcs.  William H. Keith, San Francisco, 1862, billed to the State of California for a sponge.  R. H. McDonald & Co, 1866, Sacramento, billed to Margaret Roach.  H. C. Kirk & Co, Sacramento, 187x.  C. F. Richards & Co, 1866, San Francisco, manuscript letter to B. B. Redding, Sec. State, Cal.  The letter is asking for receipt of $5 and sworn statement sent to establish a trademark.  B. B. Redding is the namesake of Redding, Cal.  Initially, the town was known as Latona, a Greek Goddess of Mythology with a less than desirable reputation, later changed to Reading, in honor of Pierson B. Reading.  In 1872, B. B. Redding, as land agent for the Central Pacific RR, laid out a new townsite just north of Reading, after the acquiring a right of way for the railway.  The town folk rejected the name of Redding at, first, but lost out in 1880, when the state legislature officially named the town for Redding.  The Redding family was very influential and B. B. Redding was still alive, which may account for the involvement of the state in the naming.  B. B. Redding was Secretary of State for California during the sixties as manifest by the above described letter (Gudde, 1949).  Very fine.  Est. $50-150

478.        San Francisco area.  Tokens, Lot of 3.  A) The Waldorf/ S.F. Cal bi metallic//gf 12 1/2 drink at the bar, probably K2691, b) The New Varsity octagonal, Palo Alto c) Golden Gate Intl 1939 medal in brass, unc. Est $20-40

479.        San Francisco.  (San Francisco).  Hotel/ Victoria// E.M.T.  Rd, al, 25mm, xf.  Not in Kappan maverick index.  W. F. Morris was the proprietor of the Hotel Victoria which was located at Bush  and Stockton Sts (Merchants Directory, 1911).  There may be another Hotel Victoria with the proprietor’s initials of E. M. T. but we couldn’t find any.  We were told that this token was from Sonora, Cal, but we could not verify this.  Rare.  Est. $25-50

480.        San Francisco.  California Gold Tokens circa 1870-1900.  Lot of 2 pcs.  Both made to look like the California gold fractional currency. Both are octagonal. One dated 1853, 10mm, “California Gold” on reverse, probably 14kt or higher. The second dated 1855 is 12mm with the reverse “California Gold/ 1/2/ (pic of bear)” Both au.  Est. $100-200
481.        San Francisco.  California Gold Tokens.  Lot of 4 pcs.  All gold plate, made to look like California fractional gold coins.  All au-bu, round 10-14mm.  Three different patterns but all say “California gold”.  Est. $50-100

482.        San Francisco.  Gold Rush Shipping Receipt from the Staghound, 1856, for 500 barrels of cranberries from Boston.  The paper carries the color flag of the company in yellow and red. Cape Cod and surrounds have traditionally produced most of the cranberries in the United States.  Extremely fine.  Est. $100-200

483.        San Francisco.  San Francisco.  Adams & Co. Express & Banking Co, Check, 1853.  Issued to L. H. Feagan for $463.  Check #56.  Vignette at upper right of several men working sluice boxes panning for gold.  Vignette at left of allegorical male wearing a winged hat holding a small bag.  Left two corners are missing one inch pieces.  Piece missing at bottom center and bottom right corner.  White pieces of paper glued at right upper corner on near center of  reverse.  Small tears along right edge.  Fine.  Est. $25-75

484.        San Francisco.  San Francisco.  Anglo Californian Bank, Limited.  Cert.#957.  A British company, incorporation date unknown.  Issued to Hoel K. Hecht for 40 shares in 1906.  Signed by manager and accountant.  Cancelled by inked rubber stamp through signatures.  No vignette, but very fancy masthead and logo on left edge incorporating the company initials.  No border.  Many British companies were active in the US mining industry around the turn of the century.  Some invested in or actually operated mines, while others such as this one, offered other services that were peripheral to mining.  The Anglo- Californian Bank Ltd. got its start in 1867-8 as the J. & W. Seligman & Co. merchants and bankers in San Francisco. Their head office was in New York. In 1873, it incorporated as the Anglo-Californian Bank, Ltd, with a capital of 300,000 pounds sterling, financed by British concerns. Ignatz Steinhart and Fred Low, a onetime California Governor, were among the early managers. Steinhart was the senior manager until the bank merged with the London-Paris National Bank and became the Anglo & London Paris National Bank. At the time of the merger, their assets were more than $12 million, considered one of the stronger banks. [ref: Cross, Financing an Empire, v1, 1927.]  Folds and smudges, two loose leaf hole punches at top, slight yellowing upper right corner.  8” x 9 1/4”.  Est. $50-100

485.        San Francisco.  San Francisco.  Bank of America Check, 1931 with Chinese Writing and issued in Hong Kong Currency.  The Chinese writing is in red underprint.  Issued from the Clay-Montgomery Branch to Louu Ging Chuen for $100.  4 x 7.  Very fine.  Est. $25-50

486.        San Francisco.  San Francisco.  Bank of California, One sheet of 6 checks.  San Francisco printed below masthead.  RND7 imprinted checks.  Green print, yellow underprint and revenue in orange.  Unissued, 187x.  XF.  8 x 16 1/2.  XF. These are rare unused, and particularly rare in full sheet form.  Fifth check has minor mildew in 2 spots. Est.$50-150

487.        San Francisco.  San Francisco.  California Perfume Co. Bottle, c. 1890-1900.  5.5 inches tall.  Fruit Flavors embossed on front.  Clear.  This is the earliest known perfume bottle with word California embossed on it.  Most perfumes tended to come from France and this California enterprise tried to bring a bit of the French je ne sais quoi to California.  Est. $50-100

488.     San Francisco.  San Francisco.  California’s World Fair on S.F. Bay, Ten Photo Postcards featuring nighttime views of.  All have white borders.  Stanley A. Piltz, photographer. Each is a different view, with accompanying description on the back.  Vf, some smudges.  3” x 5”.  Several other chromo-litho postcards of the World’s Fair, including two brochures.  All are very fine.  Est. $40-80
489.     San Francisco.  San Francisco.  Central Pacific Railroad Co, 1880 & 1889.  The first item is from an 1880 advertisement for the C. P. R. R. outlining the time schedule for local train service in the Bay Area.  The second is a billhead for the Virginia & Truckee RR, 1889.  Very fine.  Est. $50-100

490.     San Francisco.  San Francisco.  Cigar Company Billheads, 1888 & 1899.  The first is from Charles, Jacobs & Co., Cigar Manufacturers sold to R. C. Holliday of Dillon, M. T., 1888.  The billhead as a fancy masthead with a box of cigars at each side.  There is a one inch tear at left center.  The second is from the Owl Cigar Co sold to E. Mane & Bro of Jackson, Cal., in 1899.  This billhead has the company logo in red ink on yellow paper.  The logo contains a barn owl seated within the “O” of Owl in the title.  Three tears along top edge affecting dateline.  Fold crease at upper left corner.  Both are very fine.  Est. $25-50

491.        San Francisco.  San Francisco.  Expressmen’s Mutual Benefit Association, c. 1885.  Blank application for membership and has a return addressed envelope.  Application is three pages long and asks for a medical physical.  Hole in application from punch pin.  Very fine.  Est. $50-100

492.        San Francisco.  San Francisco.  Folsom Autograph.  Payment voucher issued to Page Bacon & Co on Nov. 26, 1853.  Signed by Joseph L. Folsom and A. C. Peachy.  Autograph bright and bold.  Not endorsed or cancelled.  3 x 7.  Extremely fine.  Est. $100-300

493.        San Francisco.  San Francisco.  Folsom Autograph.  Payment voucher issued to William Morris for $5000 on Oct, 10, 1851,  Signed by Capt. J. L. Folsom and Jamie Blair.  Signed by Folsom on reverse as well.  Blue paper.  4 x 7.5.  Extremely fine.  Est. $150-300

494.        San Francisco.  San Francisco.  Gold rush era checks, Two, unissued. 185x check on Parrott & Co. Bankers, SF and check from Adams & Co. Bankers in Stockton (Newell & Co., agents), with Adams & Co. Express at left.  Parrott brought $300,000 with him from Mexico in 1849, quickly establishing him as one of the best bankers in California. He made it through every crash. Adams didn’t fare so well, failing in the 1850’as after opening in 1851. Generally vf. Est. $75-150

495.        San Francisco.  San Francisco.  Harper’s New Monthly Magazine.  No XCII-January, 1858-Vol. XVI.  The Superstition of Sailors, page 183, is an article about the S. S. Central America.  Fine.  Est. $50-100

496.        San Francisco.  San Francisco.  Henry G. Hanks, Assayer, c. 1900 and Abbot A. Hanks, Assayers, 1946.  Lot of 3 pcs.  These two assayers are definitely related since both use the same company logo, an Egyptian sitting in front of a crude furnace.  The Henry G. Hanks piece is a four page Assay Table with four tables.  Table No. 1 is Value of Gold and Silver Bullion in ounces troy and decimals.  Table No 2 Giving the Number of Ounces of Pure Metal in One Ton of ore, and grams of ore.  Table No 3 For Determining the Value of Gold and Silver Bullion.  Table No 4 Useful in Calculating Percentages and otherwise.  This early Hanks took over the business of the Pacific Chemical Works.  The Abbot Hanks pieces are receipts for gold and silver assays, 1946.  Very fine.  Est. $50-100

497.        San Francisco.  San Francisco.  Hills Brothers Commission Merchants for the Sale of Dairy and General Farm Produce Price List, Oct., 29, 1892.  One page, double sided, with black print on yellow paper listing produce and commodities.  Two many examples to list.  Half inch tear at right edge along center fold.  Very fine.  Est. $50-75

498.        San Francisco.  San Francisco.  Imitation $50 Gold Octagonal.  San Francisco California/ 880 Thous./ (Pic- bald eagle on shield)/ Fifty// 50.  Oct, Gilt, 40mm, vf/ very minor rust stain on reverse.  Unc.  Est. $50-100
499.        San Francisco.  San Francisco.  Jerome F. Fargo Business Card, c. 1880.  Jerome was one of the six brothers of William Fargo, who was the founder of the famous Wells, Fargo & Co.  Jerome served as superintendent of both American Express and U. S. Express.  The card only has Jerome F. Fargo printed in old English style.  Very fine.  Est. $25-75

500.        San Francisco.  San Francisco.  John Taylor & Co Advertising Broadside, c. 1870.  This company was “Importers and Manufacturers of Assayers’ Materials, Mine and Mill Supplies and School, Physical and Chemical Apparatus and Chemicals”.  8.5 x 11.  At the left edge is a list of the different types of jobs and services and items that they provide.  Taylor succeeded Kellogg & Hewston in some Fashion.  While Selby’s name was given as having bought out the San Francisco Smelting and Refining Works, formerly the Kellogg & Hewston, Taylor’s name appears on early catalogs as the successor.  The body of the advertisement opens with “From out long experience in supplying leading mines in California and adjoining States and Territories, we feel confident we can fill all orders satisfactorily.”.  Slight staining along top edge.  Small tear at top center edge.  Very fine.  Est. $25-75

501.        San Francisco.  San Francisco.  Lilienthal & Co Billhead with manuscript letter, 1898.  The Lilienthal & Co was a whiskey distributor.  The letter is the V & T RR agent in Mound House, Nev, regarding a shipment of borax that was short.  Very fine.  Est. $25-50

502.     San Francisco.  San Francisco.  Manuscript note from B. Peyton & Co. “Will Mr. Lawton be good enough to pay $890.40 to J. Parrott at Page, Bacon & Co.?  I have called there without seeing him this morning and will give a proper receipt when we do meet. “ Balie Peyton was an attorney for the municipal government of San Francisco in 1855-1856. Parrott was a shipping merchant and later became a banker and capitalist. This note is on blue unlined paper. It has a black strip of scrapbook paper attached at left, and a tear in the top left. Undated, though certainly circa 1850-1855. [ref: Bancroft] Est. $50-100

503.        San Francisco.  San Francisco.  Map of San Francisco, showing location of Lakeview.  This is a sort of fold-out prospectus for real estate of the Lakeview area.  Residence sites for sale by order of Adolph Sutro.  Lakeview has left little trace other than the hills it sat on.  The range is generally known now as Mount Davis except on maps where it is still known as the San Miguel Hills, which sit on the San Miguel land grant, 1845.  This particular advertisement piece is dated 1890.  Lakeview was apparently a portion of Rancho San Miguel, which sat facing the Laguna de la Merced, near Lake Merced, also a land grand in 1835.  A detailed map of San Francisco on inside, along with lot views of Lakeview.  “Lakeview is the Greatest Buy in the Market.”  19” x 24”.  Vf, some wrinkles, a small rip at fold, a rip and repaired rip at bottom of Lakeview map.  Est. $25-75

504.        San Francisco.  San Francisco.  Market & 14th Sts. Homestead Association., Deed, 1876.  Issued to Peder Sather for a real estate purchase.  Folds out to 11 x 17 and is 4 pages.  Minor staining.  Folds are stiff with minor tears at conjunctions.  Very fine.  Est. $25-75

505.        San Francisco.  San Francisco.  Market Street Railway Co.  Incorporated in California.  Issued to De Coppet & Doremus for 15 shares, cert #3713, in 1922.  Signed by D. Morris vice president and P. Hawkins asst secretary.  Vignette of spread winged eagle clutching leaves and twigs.  Green border and underprint.  Cancelled by rubber stamp of same and hole punches through signature lines.  Printer - Republic Bank Note, PA.  Receipt stapled to reverse that has two State of New York Revenue adhesive stamps one for 10 cents and the other for 20 cents.  Two others a red Documentary adhesive revenues one for 10 cents and the other for 20 cents.  Very fine.  Est. $25-50
506.        San Francisco.  San Francisco.  Neville & Co., 1904 billhead.  Fancy masthead, green print.  They sold bags, burlaps, flour grain, belting, twines and more.  They had a New York office, but this is datelined San Francisco.  Receipt for hose.  8 x 5 1/2.  XF.    Sacramento.  Fancy, colorful billhead from H.S. Crocker & Co, Steam Printers, 1880.  Fancy masthead with green, red and gold print.  Datelined Sacramento.  Vignette at left of the company’s building.  8 1/2 x 14.  Two folds. Brown tape on reverse along left edge.  Several stains.  Very fine.    Sacramento.  This is one of the best, if not the best, California printer’s billheads. W.P. Fuller & Co. 1905 billhead.  Manufacturers and Importers of Paints, Oils and Window Glass, Doors, Windows, Blinds, Plate Glass Mirrors etc.  Fancy masthead.  Vignette at left of their building, “Chas. R. Root, Manager.  Proprietors Pioneer White Lead Works and Pacific Rubber Plant” printed below vignette.  “Payable in U.s. Gold Coin.”  Datelined Sacramento and sent to J.C. Young in Taylorsville.  “Express to Crescent Mills” typed at bottom of receipt.  8 x 7.  Very fine.  San Francisco.  J.A. Folger & Co. billhead, 1905.  Vignette at right of a can of Folger’s Golden Gate Baking Powder and at left of ocean-going ships.  Red and black print.  Datelined San Francisco.  Sent to J.C. Young in Taylorsville, Cal.  8 x 7.  Very fine.  Est. $75-100

507.        San Francisco.  San Francisco.  North Pacific Transportation Co Imprinted Revenue, RNC 21, Checks, 1871 & 1873.  Written on the Bank of California with two color variations of the imprinted revenue.  One is orange the other is a shade of brown, no discoloration.  At the left edge of each check is a vignette of a sailing ship.  One of the checks is issued to Miller & Lux.  These checks are near mint condition.  One has a small punch hole at left center.  Est. $50-100

508.        San Francisco.  San Francisco.  Order of Red Men Newsletter, Insignia, June, 1894.  The Insignia is Devoted to the Interests of the Improved Order of the Red Men and its Collateral Branches.  Front cover displays the portrait of Rev. J. Sims Great Mishinewa.  Inside title page has attractive vignette of major historical events:  Discovery of America by Columbus, Tea Party Boston Harbor, etc.  There are eight pages that have articles about the different tribes and some of their activities across the state of California.  There is even a short article on the Winnemucca tribe.  Advertisements on inside front and rear covers.  Three small tears on back cover along left edge.  Minor wear staining.  Extremely fine.  Est. $35-75

509.        San Francisco.  San Francisco.  Pacific Refinery & Assay Office, Assay Report, 1875.  The report is for the Forest Hill Mill, sent by Mr. Duisenberg, which had two samples run.  The result was that one ton of ore assayed with traces of Gold and $1.21 and $1.56 Silver.  The assay report is signed by F. Reichling & Co.  Very fine.  Est. $50-100

510.        San Francisco.  San Francisco.  Palace Hotel Co. Bond.  Issued to Ruth V. Wolf for $5,000, cert #4, in 1925.  Signed by All asst. trust officer and G. Boyd asst. secretary.  No vignette.  Orange border and safety print.  Cancelled by star shaped hole punches in signature lines.  Printer - A. Carlisle & Co.  9 x 12.  The Palace Hotel was built by William Sharon and William Ralston in the 1870’s.  The Palace was the finest places to stay on the west coast and stayed that way for decades.  Very fine.  Est. $20-40

511.        San Francisco.  San Francisco.  Peoples Ice Co.  Incorporated in 1875.  Issued to J. S. Thompson for 75 shares, cert #133, in 1877.  Signed by John Caslin president and Jno. S. Sinceuy secretary.  Vignette at upper left of a plant next to a lake with a train leaving.  Black border.  Cancelled by star shaped punches in signature lines.  Printer - Lith G. F. Brown & Co, SF.  Staining along left edge from stub and along top and right edges.  Fold creases.  Very fine.  Est. $100-150

512.        San Francisco.  San Francisco.  S. S. Astral in San Francisco Bay Photopostcard, c. 1920.  Very fine.  Est. $25-50

513.        San Francisco.  San Francisco.  San Francisco Assaying & Refining Works bullion deposit and assay sheet, 1866 with litho of building at left. This company bought out Kellogg & Hewston, formerly Kellogg & Humbert. It was headed by several key Comstock men who were trying to corner the private bullion businesses. This sheet shows an ingot weighing 139 ounces running about 800 fine in gold. Torn along one of the left folds, otherwise vf. Est. $100-200
514.        San Francisco.  San Francisco.  San Francisco Stock Exchange Flyer of March 2, 1925.  The flyer has quotes on the western Mining Stocks and prior day’s sales.  Legal sized paper.  Upper left corner is torn away but does not affect the content.  Fine.  Est. $25-50

515.        San Francisco.  San Francisco.  Schmidt Label & Lithograph Co.  Incorporated in 1882.  Issued to M. Schmidt for 50 shares, cert #201, in 1902.  Very fancy masthead with flower bouquet with company logo.  Signed by M. Schmidt president and H. G. Dehr secretary.  Signed on reverse by M. Schmidt.  Cancelled by hole punches of same through signature lines.  Green border with black print.  Extremely fine.  Est. $250-500

516.        San Francisco.  San Francisco.  Schmidt Label & Lithographic Co Letterhead, 1886.  Signed W. Schmidt.  Typewritten letter to the Bullion & Exchange Bank in Carson City indicating the prices for cost of order for checks.  This two page letter has many typos.  The vignette at the top is a fancy masthead of the company logo and is very attractive.  Signed by W. Schmidt.  Extremely fine.  Est. $25-50

517.        San Francisco.  San Francisco.  Selby Smelting & Lead Co Bullion Deposit Receipt, 1886.  Lot of 2 pcs.  Deposit with Selby Sm. & Lead Co for refining  by Anglo California Bank.  Two Carson Mint ingots were apparently sent to the Anglo Cal Bank to pay bills by a depositor.  The bank in turn sent the ingots to Selby for payment.  It is rare to find certificates of US Mint ingots being melted by another facility.  Very fine.  Est. $50-100

518.        San Francisco.  San Francisco.  Shipping Receipt, 1865 for Mercury Flasks shipped to Australia.  100 flasks of quicksilver were shipped to the Australian gold mines from San Francisco via Sydney on June 22, 1865.  Mercury was used for gold milling in both the lode milling process and in the placer mining process to extract fine gold.  The British Bark Paramatta carried the shipment.  Extremely fine.  Est. $50-100

519.        San Francisco.  San Francisco.  Souvenir/ (Pic-statue)/ Jap Statue// GF/ 5¢/ IT/ Art Saloon/ 1356/ Market St. S.F.  Rd, br, 21mm.  K 87.  We are not sure what significance this pictorial token has.  Japanese culture has long been a part of San Francisco.  As an example, in 1911 there were two different Japanese newspapers.  Vf.  Est. $100-200

520.        San Francisco.  San Francisco.  St. Louis & San Francisco Railway Co.  Manuscript letter indicating the purchase of shares by the SL & SF RR in the St. Louis, Wichita & Sertera(?) Railway Co.  The letter is unsigned but dated 1879.  This appears to be a “rough draft” as the penmanship is difficult to read and there are at least two mistakes.  8 x 11.  Slight tears along folds.  Very fine.  Est. $25-75

521.        San Francisco.  San Francisco.  Stereocard of San Francisco, c. 18xx.  S. F. Bay from Broadway & Montgomery written in pencil at bottom.  Orange matting with purple on reverse.  Alexander Thomas Leonard, M. D. address label on reverse.  Image is bright with minor staining.  Background view is a little washed out.  Extremely fine.  Est. $25-75

522.        San Francisco.  San Francisco.  Sutro Heights Broadside, c. 1895.  The broadside folds out to 18 x 20.  On side has a map of the available lots for sale in the Sutro Heights area and shows the cable car lines and location of the Cliff House.  The other side has a list of promotional statements why to live and buy property in the San Francisco area especially the Sutro Heights.  Will E. Fisher & Co are the agents promoting the sale of property for just $25 down, $10 a month at 7% interest.  Printer - Bosqui Eng. SF.  Extremely condition.  Est. $100-300

523.        San Francisco.  San Francisco.  United Railroads of San Francisco.  Incorporated in California.  Lot of 2 pcs.  Unissued.  Unsigned.  Vignette of trollie car with horse drawn wagons.  One has orange border and underprint and green border and underprint.  All coupons attached.  Printer - American Bank Note, NY.  Very fine.  Est. $50-100
524.        San Francisco.  San Francisco.  Wells, Fargo & Co, Check, 1858.  Issued to E. D. Cobb for $200.  Check #105082.  Gray background with “SECOND” in white underprint.  Professional tape repair along fold at center.  4 x 9.  Edges are rough.  Half inch triangular piece missing from bottom edge along right fold crease.  Fine.  Est. $50-150

525.        San Francisco.  San Francisco.  Wells, Fargo & Co, Check, 1868.  Issued to Joseph Kelly for $200 gold.  Check #337481.  Gray background with “FIRST” in underprint.  2 cent revenue stamp at upper left corner.  4 x 9.  Top edge has several small nicks.  Lower left corner is missing very small piece.  Very fine.  Est.  $50-150

526.        San Francisco.  San Francisco.  Wells, Fargo & Co, Check, 1868.  Issued to Mrs. J. R. Fouralt for $100 Gold.  Check #338878.  Gray background with “SECOND” in white underprint.  2 cent revenue stamp at top center.  4 x 9.  Very small pinhead sized stains at upper corner.  Small nicks on all edges.  Small chip missing from upper corner.  Very fine.  Est. $50-150

527.        San Francisco.  San Francisco.  Wells, Fargo & Co., Check, 1864.  Issued to D. R. Kingsbury Asst. Treas for $150 Currency.  Check #266250.  2 cent revenue stamp at upper left corner.  California State Tax stamp at lower left corner.  Blue pencil writing across check.  4 x 9.  Three small pieces missing along bottom edge.  Extremely fine.  Est. $50-150

528.        San Francisco.  San Francisco.  Young Men’s Christian Association, 1858, payment to member.  Two Documents on light blue paper.  One receipt, No.727, issued to Jas. S. Pratt, acknowledging his dues payment for $5 in 1858.  Signed by treasurer D.C. Breech.  Variation on California state seal at left.  The other paper recognizes James as a new member of the YMCA.  A folded document, signed by Rec. secretary John H. Kemp.  James Pratt was an attorney with the Pratt & Cole law firm (and later a US Senator).  Breech and Kemp are not listed in Bancroft, nor is the YMCA.  The YMCA was founded in London in 1844.  Boston had the first American YMCA in 1851.  It soon showed up in SF, where it was deemed a hopefully positive influence on the “reckless dissipation” of SF citizenry.  (The Annals for San Francisco).  These are the earliest YMCA documents that we have yet to uncover from private hands, and represent an important role in the development of Societal change in San Francisco during an era of moral collapse.  Vf.  8” x 5” (folded) and 4” x 8 1/2”.  Est. $250-350

529.        San Francisco.  SF Photograph of 105 Kearney.  5 x 8.5” albumen photograph by C. C. Curtis of the Fratinger & Co. three story building at 105 Kearney in San Francisco, circa 1888.  The outside of the adjacent store is decked in Fourth of July regalia.  Traver was founded in 1884 and had a population of 600 by 1888.  It was an agricultural community 15 miles from Visalia.  The photo has generally good contrast but is faded at the top, affecting the roof ornamentation.  Curtis’ name is stamped at the bottom of the photograph.  Rare ephemera from Tulare Co. [ref: Mautz, Polk’s California Gazetteer, 1888]  Est. $150-250

530.        San Francisco.  South San Francisco.  Arrowhead Hotel Photographs, 1917.  Lot of 3 pcs.  One shows the hotel from with a shot across a lake.  The hotel is surrounded by palm trees.  The second shows a closer view of the hotel from the rear(?).  The third shows five women in front of the hotel and at the bottom of the photo are penned in their names.  The photos came from a scrap book based on black paper attached at rear.  The photo of the women has a tear at upper left corner.  Very fine.  Est. $20-40

531.        San Francisco.  Steamer Billheads, 9 pcs.  Steamer New World, 1862, Steamer Chrysopolis, 1862, Steamer Helen Hensley, 1861, Steamer Cornelia, 1862, Steamboat Eclipse, 1858,Steamer, C. M. Webber, 1862; Steamboat Antelope, 1859; Steamboat Queen City, 1860.  Extremely fine to mint condition.  Est. $800-1200

532.        San Francisco. Brass Tag, heavy, 4 ½” x 2” stamped with “Fetta’ Esterina/Sant’ Francisco/Callifornia”.   This tag was dug in Columbus, Nevada years ago and possibly dates to the 1850’s.  Notice the way California is spelled!  Esterina not listed in Bancroft, or any of my San Francisco Directories from 1862-1914. An interesting piece!  Probably a luggage/trunk tag. Columbus was a Nevada mining camp active in the 1860’s-70’s. Est. $50-150