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Western Americana Auction #22
The Mary Gafford Collection

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Nevada Part I

Nevada Part II

New Mexico-End



182. California. Alpine. Silver Mountain. Almira Gold & Silver Mining Co. Cert. #224. Incorporated in California, 1863. Issued to Amos Kinney, 1864, 10 shares. Signed by G.S. Wolf, president, and J.C. Ransom, secretary. Vignette at upper left of a woman standing on a globe; at center of a woman leaning on an anchor holding an American flag; at lower right of George Washington. Black border with fancy black safety print. Uncancelled. Printer: Agnew & Deffebach. 6 x 10. “Great Mogul District” printed at bottom.

The Mogul district is in Alpine County. It was one of about fifteen districts organized after the discovery of silver in 1861. Though few of the mines remained alive, the great metallurgist G. Kustel built a mill there to process ores in 1867.

The fact this certificate is datelined Mogul is significant. The principals were probably all residents They are not listed in the 1862 SF directory. Upper left corner, and lower right corner, gnawed by mischievous mice with about .5 x 1 “ piece missing diagonally across the border. Lower right does not affect border. VF. Est. $300-600

183. California. Alpine. Silver Mountain. Pearl Gold & Silver Mining Co. Cert #114. Incorporated in 1863. Issued to Mary F. Owens for 5 shares in 1864. Uncancelled. Signed by president J. O. Eldridge and secretary James C. Dagby. White paper with black underprint artwork and border. Vignette of a young girl at a desk with books. She appears to be shading her eyes with her left hand. Two revenue stamps adhered to left side. Printed by Water Brothers & Co., 9 1/4” x 5 1/2”. The Silver Mountain camp was probably discovered in the late 1850’s but saw no intense activity until 1863. Very fine. Est. $250-500

184. California. Amador. History of Amador County, California. With illustrations and biographical sketches of its prominent men and pioneers. Published by Thompson & West, Oakland, CA, 1881. Hard cover, 344 pgs. Reprint. This is the classic reference on Amador County. Souza Collection. Est. $50-100

185. California. Banking. California Stock Broker Archive. Late 19th-early 20th century collection of documents (approximately 115) showing stock transactions from Nevada. Many from Zadig & Co., Stock, Bond, Oil and Grain Brokers in San Francisco. Also, Stauf & Cooper, Commission Brokers, and Homer S. King & Co. Dates 1889-1906. Many include Western Union Telegraphs with coded messages directing the purchase or sale of stocks in various mines. Straight pins secure documents in one transaction together. Est. $200-300

186. California. Books. California Gold Communities Publications. Lot of 9 books. 1) Portuguese Pioneers of the Sacramento Area, 2nd Edition, by Lionel Holmes and Joseph D’Alessandro. Published by the Portuguese Historical and Cultural Society, 2003. Hard cover, 312 pgs. 2) Gold Cities, Grass Valley and Nevada City, by Jim Morley and Doris Foley, 1965, published by Howell-North Books, Berkeley, CA. Paper cover, 96 pgs. Many black/white photos. 3) La Porte Scrapbook, in Sierra County, CA., compiled and published by Helen Weaver Gould, 1972. Typescript, paper covered, 166 pgs. 4) Echoes of The Gold Rush, Tales of the Northern Mines, by Bill Talbitzer, 1985, published by Oroville Features, Oroville, CA., paper covered, 56 pgs. 5) California Gold, Story of the Rush to Riches, a mini-history by Phyllis and Lou Zauner, published by Zanel Publications in Tahoe Paradise, CA, 1980. Paper covered, 64 pgs. 6) Bodie Boom Town—Gold Town,, by Douglas McDonald, published by Nevada Publications, Las Vegas, 1988. 7) Calaveras County Illustrated and Described, 1885. Published by W.W. Elliott & Co, Oakland, Cal., 1885 (Reprint 1976). Paper covered, 104 pgs. 8) Treasure Express, Epic Days of the Wells Fargo, by Neill C. Wilson, published by the Rio Grande Press, Inc., Glorieta, New Mexico, 1987. Paper, 322 pgs. 9) Annals of Tuolumne County, by Thomas Robertson Stoddart, published by Fresno Valley Publishers, 1977. Paper, 188 pgs. All good condition. Souza Collection. Est. $100-200

187. California. Books. Northern California Gold Rush Publications. Lot of 3 books. 1) La Porte Scrapbook, compiled and published by Helen Weaver Gould, La Porte, CA., 1972. Typescript, paper covered, 166 pgs. 2) Echoes of The Gold Rush, Tales of the Northern Mines, by Bill Talbitzer, 1985, published by Oroville Features, Oroville, CA. 56 pgs. 3) Historical Notes of The Early Washington, Nevada County, California Mining District, autographed by authors Robert J. and Grace J. Slyter. No publisher, no date. Paper covered. 8 1/2 x 11. Souza Collection. Est. $70-100

188. California. Bottles. Gold Rush Era Tin Cans. Lot of 2. Original hand-soldered, c. 1855-1865. found in gold rush camps. Souza Collection. Est. $100-200

189. California. Butte. Butte County Archive. Lot of 20. Includes photo postcard of Oroville’s Montgomery Street, billheads from Fort Bidwell, Gridley, Durham, Chico, Biggs, and Oroville, letters, and a Wanted Memo from Chico to San Francisco Police Chief, 1920. Dates of late 19th Century and Early 20th. Est. $50-100

190. California. Butte. Chico. Chico Billheads and Trade Cards. Lot of 7. Includes: O.D. Richmond & Co. (general merchandise), Richardson Mineral Springs, Chico Soda Works, Great American Importing Tea Co., Tickner, burnham & Co. (general merchandise), and Boynton’s Variety Store business card. Est. $50-75

191. California. Butte. Lucky John Gravel Mine Reverse Blue Line Map produced by J.D. Hubbard, E.M., 1917, showing Sec. 11, T22N, R3E, M.D.M. Meas. 26 x 36.” Est. $40-80 (not illustrated)

192. California. Calaveras. Altaville. Great Western Gold Co. Cert. #5495. Incorporated in Arizona Territory, 1901. Issued to Mrs. Augusta Fahm in 1902 for 1000 shares. Three vignettes: center is smelter beside a mountain stream, flanked by two smaller vignettes of underground miners. Uncancelled. Black border, gilt safety print and seal. Printer: Goes. 5 1/2 x 10.” Dateline St. Louis, Mo. “Lands include the Afterthought Mine, the Liberty group, 10 groups of miscellaneous claims and a lease on the Garcia mines in Arizona.

Company claims ores will average about $30 per ton in copper, gold and silver values, and is said to plan developing the mine by a double-track working tunnel. The company was promoted to T.S. Henderson & Co., of St. Louis, a brokerage concern of dubious reputation. The Afterthought mine is regarded as valuable, but is not likely ever to be made a success by the present management, which is more interested in stock-jobbing than in making a mine.” [Ref: Cop. Hdbk., 1905, pp.440-41]. VF. Est. $50-100 8726 61

193. California. Calaveras. Mokelumne. Mokelumne Hill Canal & Mining Co. Cert. #1205. This is an undated certificate, thought to be early to mid-1850’s, during the climax of the California gold rush period. Incorporated in California. Issued to J.C. Ham for one share. Signed by Henry Eno, president, and E. H. Pomeroy, secretary. Black border and print on crème colored paper. Uncancelled. Printer: Litho. Britton & Rey, San Fo. 3, x 7.

The name “Mokelumne” is derived from Plains Miwok, and is possibly from an early pronunciation of the tribal name by the Miwok, with an Anglicized spelling. The suffix “umne” means people. Mokelumne was first known as Big Bar in 1848 and was an important business center for the early gold miners in the southern region [Gudde, 1949]. The Mok Hill Canal and Mining Co. is not listed in Browne’s 1868 work covering the district (mineral Resources West of the Rocky Mountains, 1868). It is possible that this company was the predecessor to the Mok Hill and Camp Seco Ditch Co., active in the mid-1860’s. The canal, or ditch, as they were later known, probably brought water to the dry Tertiary channels, known as the Mokelumne Hill Old Channel. It was basically mined out by the mid 1860’s. XF.These certs are rare, but there are about four to six known. They are among the oldest of the Mok Hill certificates. Est. $500-1000

194. California. Calaveras. Mosquito. Honest Gold & Silver Mining Co. No cert #. Incorporated in California, 1864. Unissued, unsigned. Vignette at upper right of a building with a horse drawn cart in the front. Black border. Uncancelled. Printer - Bosqui & Co, SF. 6 x 10”. This particular certificate has a printer’s error. During printing the paper was creased leaving a 1/8 inch wide unprinted streak vertically through the right side of the certificate. This is probably the reason this certificate was never used. Very fine. Est. $30-60

195. California. Colusa. Willows Fruit Co Prospectus, c.1891. 7 page prospectus. 8” x 11”. Xf, some foxing. Bound by blue thread at top. Est. $50-150 Est. $50-150

196. California. Death Valley. Death Valley Cons Mining Co. Cert. #7. Incorporated in Arizona in 1905. Issued to Clay Gallman for 1000 shares in 1906. Signed by president

W.H. Seaman and secretary Clay Gallman. Cancelled. Vignette of Elk on grassy hill. Black border, with gilt underprint and seal. printed by John Partridge. 8” x 10 1/2”. “Office at Rhyolite, Nevada” printed on certificate. Vf. Est. $200-300

197. California. El Dorado. Kelsey. Blue Ledge Gold & Silver Quartz Mining Co. Cert. #3171. Incorporated in 1863. Issued to C.D. Coon, Trustee, for 10 shares, 1866. Signed by Chas. C. Testina, president, and J.W. Buffington, secretary. Vignette, top center, of California State Seal (?). Black border and print with light brown safety print. 25 cent revenue stamp affixed at left edge. Uncancelled. Printer: Agnew & Deffebach.

The area was placer mined shortly after John Marshall’s 1848 gold discovery at Coloma. John Marshall spent his last days at Kelsey, named for Benjamin Kelsey who first settled there. Total production from the district was about $1.5 million [Clark, 1970, p. 84]. The bottom right corner has been ripped off and is missing. Two small pin holes left edge. Trimmed a little tight at left. Other than the missing corner, the certificate is very fine. Est. $200-400

198. California. El Dorado. Placerville. Adams & Co.’s Express, Deposition and Receipt. Lot of 2. Deposition sworn by Lorenzo Gere dated 19th April 1856, stating that Adams & Co’s Express and Banking Office owes him $200. Attached is receipt No. 2388 from Adams & Co. to Lorenzo Gere, datelined Placerville, dated Feb. 5, 1855. Receipt signed by Theo. F. Tracy. In 1840 Alvin Adams, 36, began a personal delivery service between Boston and New York, handling securities, documents and parcels. The company prospered and expanded and by 1854 Adams & Co. merged with other major express companies and incorporated as Adams & Co. Express, with Alvin Adams as president. Following the consolidation the company expanded to the South and Southwest, and in 1870 to the West Coast. It was one of the “Big 3”, the others being Wells Fargo and American Express. Extremely rare. Est. $150-300

199. California. Fresno. Coalinga. Native Copper Mining Co. Cert. #9. Incorporated in California, 1911. Issued to M.L. Soward for 500 shares. Signed by president W.H. Kerr and secretary C.E. Boyd. Vignettes across top (3) of underground mining scenes flanking a scene of a mining site in a valley with winding roads up the hillsides and a trestle in foreground. Small vignette at bottom of woman’s head. Gilt border, safety print and seal. Uncancelled. Goes printer. Dateline Coalinga. 8 1/2 x 11.” Wear along fold creases and 2” tear at top, 1” on bottom, on one crease.

Est. $50-100

200. California. Fresno. Fresno County Documents. Two documents, dated 1868 and 1860. The 1868 is on letterhead reading, “United States of American, State of California (with vignette of eagle clutching arrows, olive branch and ‘E Pluribus Unum” banner) Declaratory Statement for Cases where the Land is not subject to Private Entry.” Measures 8 x 10, on gray paper. The 1860 document is handwritten and titled, “Declaratory Statement of Andrew McKinney,” and states the same information as the first document, without being on the appropriate form. 8 x 10 on blue lined paper. Est. $50-100

201. California. Fresno. History of the Counties of Fresno, Tulare, and Kern, California. Published by The Lewis Publishing Co, Chicago, and reprinted by the California Traveler, Inc. 1974. 277 pages. 9 x 11. Classic reference of these counties. VF. Souza Collection. Est. $50-100

202. California. General. California Check Archive. Lot of about 240 pcs. Checks drawn on various banks in California, most dated in the 1920’s. Included are Jamestown Sierra Railway, Woodland, Sonoma, Maxwell, Sacramento, Ukiah, Santa Rosa, Saratoga, San Rafael, Clarksburg. Est. $130-250

203. California. General. California & Western States Maps. 3 maps and related ephemera from early gas companies or railroad. 1- Shell map of SF and Oakland, 1939; 2-Rand McNally Map of California, undated, c 1935; 3- Signal Oil map of Cal-NV-AZ c 1940, 4- ephemera from Shell. Well used. Est. $25-50

204. California. General. California 3-D Advertising Pieces, c.1910-20. Four choice early California advertising items. Leather knife case, Golden Gate Expo; Leather purse St. Helena Realty; leather case with lenses Berteling Scientific Opticians, SF; souvenir coin from the Cliff House, silver dollar size. No date. Est. $40-80

205. California. General. California Booklets. Lot of 3 different books. (1) Partners on Progress, A history of the Bank of California, 1950, serious condition problems. (2) Columbia by Early 1957. (3) The Idle and Industrious Miner reprint. Est. $25-50

206. California. General. California Business Cards, c.1925-40. Lot of 11 different pcs. Includes Anchor Hotel, Sacramento, Arlington Hotel, and many others. Most have condition problems. Est. $50-100

207. California. General. California Electric Works Telephone Insulator Mold. Cast iron half-mold, having the cavity design of the original insulators designed by California Electrical works in 1878. The company provided many of the glass insulators used in construction of the world’s first long-distance telephone line of 58 miles. The line was owned by the Milton Mining and Water and Eureka Lake companies of Nevada County, CA.

History: Following the completion of Western Union Telegraph Company’s reconstruction of all telegraph lines within the Pacific Division by 1877, the company moved their offices to New York and broke up the old construction division formerly known as the Electrical Construction and Maintenance Company.

A new company was founded named “The California Electrical Works,” under private ownership, and it would continue to supply the West with all manner of telegraph and telephone apparatus, specializing in private telephone line construction and supply.

During the fall of 1878, the business shipped all materials for the construction of the world’s first long-distance telephone line in Nevada County. This line was to serve in the regulation of water from their reservoirs in the mountains, through extensive canal systems, to feed the hydraulic monitors situated in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada. Many of the glass insulators provided by the CEW for use upon that line were cast in cobalt blue glass, and are in great demand throughout the collecting community, bringing prices in excess of $4500 per insulator.

Aqua colored specimens, found in far fewer numbers, on the Pacific Wood and Lumber Company’s line from Truckee, CA. to Camp 18 (Hirshdale), and those few found in dumps throughout California have sold at twice the amount of the cobalt version.

The rarity of this style of insulator may be attributed to its delicate design and fragility in the severe weather conditions of the mountains. Because of this, production was curtailed in the spring of 1879 after extremely limited manufacture, and the insulator completely re-designed.

In the early 1990’s, this cast iron half-mold was discovered, having the cavity design of the original insulator. It bears the following embossing: “Cal. Elec. Works-S.F. Cal.-Mold No. 11.” The half-mold is the only specimen known to exist, and should be considered extremely rare. Meas. 5 1/2” w. x 61/2” l. x 2 1/4” deep. Photos included. Est. $5,000-7,000

208. California. General. California General Geology and Oil Books. Lot of 15. Various books and journals on the general geology of California and oil deposits. Examples from this lot: Roadside geology of Northern Cal;, Salines in Owens, Searles, and Panamint Basins; CDMG Oct. 1955 Mines of San Mateo Co.; Geol of Breckenridge Mtn Quad.; 2 issues of California Oil Fields, 1940’s; Elements of California Geography; Earthquake County; Lake Heffner Studies; Geol & Min. Res of Shasta copper-zinc district. Provenance: M. Rogers Library. Est. $75-150

209. California. General. California Gold Discovery Day Commemorative Gold Medal. California Gold Discovery Day Medallion / Sutter’s Mill / Coloma / Gold Found Her By / James Marshall / Started the Growth / and Prosperity / of America / (pic of Sutter’s Mill) // Gold is Property / Freedom / To / Buy, Sell and Save Gold / Is A / Constitutional Right / 18 Carat. Rd, gold, 33mm. Stamped in rim “Metallic Art”. Approx weight 1 ounce. We are unsure the date of this piece, maybe c.1970. Unc. Bright and crisp. Est. $500-1000

210. California. General. California Mining Books and Bulletins. Lot of 11. 1) Core Logs From Owens China, Searles, and Panamint Basins California, USGS Bulleting 1045-A, by George I. Smith and Walden P. Pratt, 1957. 62 pgs. 2) California Journal of Mines and Geology, July 1945 (Mines of Riverside County), 220 pgs—back cover missing. 3) California Journal of Mines and Geology, April 1949 (Mines of Kern County. 358 pgs. 4) Calif. Jrnl. Mines and Geol. January-April 1957 (Mines of Mariposa County). 343 pgs. 5) Geology of the Breckenridge Mountain Quadrangle California, Bulletin 168, by T.W. Dibblee, Jr., and Charles W. Chesterman. 1953. 56 pgs. 6) Geology of the Saltdale Quadrangle California, Bulletin 160, by T.W. Dibblee, Jr. 1952. 66 pgs. 7) Manner of Locating and Holding Mineral Claims in California, by A.H. Ricketts, Revised by C.A. Logan and Charles V. Averill, 1950. 31 pgs. 8) Minerals of California, Bulletin 173, by Joseph Murdoch and Robert W. Webb, 1956. 452 pgs. 9) Placer Mining For Gold in California, Bulletin 135, by Charles V. Averill, 1946. 357 pgs. 10) Minerals of California, Bulletin 136, by Joseph Murdoch and Robert W. Webb, 1943. 402 pgs. 11) American Mining Law, Vol. I, Bulletin 123, by A.H. Ricketts, 1943. 618 pgs. Nos. 1-7 have separate maps and are paperbound, Nos. 8-11 are hardbound. Normal library use. Provenance: Thanstrom Mining and Metallurgy Library. One foot of shelf space. Est. $75-150

211. California. General. Compilation of Some Publications Dealing With Forest Pests in Northwestern California. This piece is a compilation of reproduced publications distributed by public agencies all of which are out of print or difficult to obtain through the originating agencies. Apparently this was compiled to be a study volume by an instructor for a class in forest protection. Fabulous source materials. Softbound with three metal paper rivets binding left edge. Penciled notes on front cover with staining, dirt, folds, tears and wear. Also has some impressions left by pencil (?) marks on front. Fine. Interior is in much better shape with some underlining in red ink on at least one page, otherwise VF. 8 1/2” x 11”, over 400 pages (some are not numbered). Est. $50-100

212. California. General. Historical and Descriptive Sketch Book of Napa, Sonoma, Lake and Mendocino, 1873. Most important, by far, reference on Napa and Sonoma mining districts with particular emphasis on the silver and mercury mines. Illustrations throughout. Contents include an “Ode to Napa”, general descriptions with information on climate, Indian tribes, historical and biographical background, towns and watering places, agricultural resources, the future, sources of wealth and general miscellany. Wonderful historical piece. Hardbound, 356 pages, 5 3/4” x 8 1/2” Spine is chipped and coming loose, small amount of water damage to inside front page and along edges of page corners. Fading and a couple of small tears otherwise very fine. This is the book most often cited when referencing early Napa, including mines. Est. $300-600

213. California. General. History of Sierra County. Lot of 5 different volumes. All by James J. Sinnott and signed by the author. Published by Mid-Cal Publishers, Fresno, CA., 1983. 1) Downieville, Gold Town on the Yuba, Vol. I, enlarged third edition. 426 pgs. 2) Alleghany and Forest City, Treasure Towns, Vol. III, 1981, 281 pgs. 3) Over North in Sierra County, Vol. V, 1977, 367 pgs. 4-5) Two copies of A General History of Sierra County, Vol. VI, 1978, 194 pgs. Some have stains on pages, but boards and spines are good. Many photographs throughout. Very rare. Souza Collection. Est. $500-700

214. California. History. California History Books. Lot of 6 books. 1) California Missions and Landmarks, El Camino Real, by Mrs. A.S.C. Forbes, 1925. Published in Los Angeles. Hard cover, 392 pgs. 2) California Ghost Town Trails, by A.L. Abbott, 1966, published by Abbott & Abbott, Anaheim, Cal. Photographs and maps, paper cover, 78 pgs. 3) The Natural Wealth of California, by Titus Fey Cronise. Published in S. F. by H.H. Bancroft & Co., 1868. Covers geography, mineralogy, economy, educational institutions, descriptions of each county, and more. Hard cover, boards have come away from spine, 696 pgs. Fragile. 4) Ferndale…The Village, 1875-1893, by Denis P. Edeline, signed by author, 1987, and printed by Eureka Printing Co., California. Paper covered, 306 pgs. 5) Historic Spots in California, Valley and Sierra Counties, by H.E. & E.G. Rensch and Mildred Brooke Hoover. Published by Stanford University Press, California, 1933. Hard cover, 597 pgs. 6) Everyman’s Eden, A History of California, by Ralph J. Roske. Published MacMillan Co., N.Y. 1968. Hard cover with dust jacket, 624 pgs. Souza Collection. Est. $100-150

215. California. History. History of California. Lot of 4 volumes. By Theodore H. Hittell, Volumes I-IV, published by N.J. Stone & Company, San Francisco, 1897. Original leather

bindings, each about 800 pgs. A nice set. This reference was a competitive work to Bancroft’s History Of California seven volume work. Hittell and Bancroft were enemies, and the two works offer differing opinions and insights on historical events. Both of these sets of works are necessary to help understand and interpret California history before 1880. Souza Collection. Est. $250-500

216. California. Inyo. Bishop. Rainbow Falls Original Photograph, c.1900-1910. Photograph is of Rainbow Falls, #1142, taken by Forbes. Beautiful shot of the roaring falls with two pine trees at top that look like they are “growing” out of the water. The canyon walls are rugged and very steep. Unfortunately, the photo has large spot damage, apparently from glue or some other source that has eradicated the photographic nature of the paper. Reverse indicates that this photo was mounted in an album. 8 x 10”. Condition problems. Provenance: Spargo Collection. Est. $20-30

217. California. Inyo. Chrysopolis. Oro Fino Gold & Silver Mining Co. Bond #100. Incorporated in California. Issued to E. C. Robinson for a $1000 Bond. Signed by Wm. S. Corwin president and Miles Hadson secretary. Vignette at top center of a variation of the California State Seal with mining and forest scene surrounding. Vignettes at each edge. Ornate black border. Green underprint. Blue 50 cent revenue attached at lower left corner. 6 coupons of original 9 still attached. Uncancelled. Printed - Ferd Mayer, NY. 12 x 15”. “…situated in Tulare County, State of California, consisting of the Oro Fino, Mammoth, Knickerbocker and Chrysopolis lodes and two cross lodes situated near Owen’s River in the Inyo Mining District, Tulare County, State of California, and seven hundred acres of land situated in said mining district, also the Town Site of Chrysopolis, in the immediate vicinity of said lodes…” printed within the text on the bond.

Chrysopolis is listed under Aberdeen in California’s Geographic Names (Durham, p.1143). “A mining camp called Chrysopolis flourished briefly in the 1860’s on the east side of the Owens River south of Aberdeen. Postal authorities established Chrysopolis post office in 1866 and discontinued in

1867.” I think it is safe to assume that the company was very short lived. Rare. Very fine. We have not offered one of these bonds in several years. Est. $250-500

California. Inyo. Death Valley. For an entry on the Pacific Coast Borax Co., please see that entry in San Francisco (corporate headquarters.)

218. California. Inyo. Greenwater. Boston Greenwater Copper Co. Cert. #104. Incorporated in Arizona in 1906. Issued to H. Content & Co. for 5000 shares in 1906. Signed by v. president J.P. Nelson and secretary E.H. Latins. Uncancelled. Vignette of spread-winged bald eagle. Green border and underprint. Printed by Cunningham, Curtiss & Welch Co. 8” x 9 1/2”.

Promoted by Dr. John Grant Lyman, a former physician who was a Chicago gold eardrum device dealer and fraudulent stock promoter. He was thrown off the New York Stock Exchange. Most Greenwater properties had little merit and were exposed by “Wall Street Sharks.” Extremely fine. Est. $150-300

219. California. Inyo. Reward Gold Mining Co Document. Short handwritten note to purchase coin for the Reward G. M. Co. probably from the Carson City Mint. No date, circa 1890-1905. Est. $50-100

220. California. Kern. Kern County Documents. Lot of 28. Twenty-four daily assayers reports from Kern Mines, Inc. in Kernville, CA, dated 1941. Two letters: one a carbon copy datelined Bakersfield, 1902 from the Assurance Mining Company to the Ideal Stamp Mill Co.; the second on Independent Store of Kern letterhead, dated 1913. Also included is an article from “Desert Magazine”, July 1963 titled “To Claraville and the Burning Moscow Mine.” Some foxing along edges. Est. $50-100 (not illustrated)

221. California. Los Angeles. :Los Angeles. Wells, Fargo & Co Express, 1888, datelined Los Angeles. Large, 8 x 14” ledger/receipt showing article shipped from, date, to, weight and cost. Tear along right margin. Est. $25-75

222. California. Los Angeles. Los Angeles. Los Angeles Improvement Co. Cert #44. Incorporated in California, 1885. Issued to H. C. Witner for 1240 shares (which accounted for about 12% of the company with only a 10,000 share issue) in 1886. Signed by Jesse Yarnell president and Edw. A. Hall secretary. Vignette at left edge of a bunch of grapes. Black border and print. Cancelled by pencil. Printer - Kingsley, Barnes & Co, LA. 4 x 8”. Datelined Los Angeles, Cal. Original stub attached at left. Very fine. Est. $75-150

223. California. Mariposa. Mariposa. Le Nouveau Monde. Cert #46976. Incorporated in France, 1850. Issued to Bearer for 5 shares in 1851. Signed, uncancelled. No border, black print. “Le Nouveau Monde” printed in orange at left edge.

This was the first company formed by Fremont and Hoffman and was one of only three European efforts directly associated with Fremont. The royalty to Fremont was 1/6th of the gross production. William K. Smith was the superintendent having operated the Caucluse Mine in Virginia for the Liberty Mining Co. The London Times called this company a “nefarious scheme,” though it was a legitimate gold producer. Classic Gold Rush stock certificate. This stock is relatively common. Extremely fine. Est. $150-300

224. California. Mariposa. Yosemite. Wawona Hotel Original Matted Photograph, c.1905. Scene is of Wawona Hotel at Yosemite National Park. Called Clark’s Ranch on Hoffmann and Gardner’s 1863-67 map. Galen Clark camped at the site in 1855 and the following year built a rough overnight lodging place for tourists that was known variously as Clark’s Station, Clark and Moore’s, and Big Tree Station. Clark sold out to Edward Washburn, John Washburn, and Henry Washburn in 1874—Henry’s wife renamed the place Wawona. A Post Office was established at Clark’s Station in 1878, changing the name to Wawona in 1883, and discontinued it in 1935. The name “Wawwona” supposedly is from an Indian term meaning “A Big Tree” but A. L. Kroeber stated that the word does not appear to be Indian. (Ref: California’s Geographic Names, p.844.) Measures 8” x 10” overall; photo measures 4 1/2” x 71/2.” Very fine. Est. $75-150

225. California. Mining. California Mines and Geology Publications. Lot of 14. California Mineral Production Bulletins and California Journal of Mines and Geology publications, 1917-1950s. Jan 1956 (sand & Gravel); April, 1956 (clay); Jan 1954 (Mines of Amador Co.); Apr 1951 (Annual Mining Summary); Calif Mineral Production for 1917, 1919, 1929, 1919,1923, 1920, 1922, 1930, 1918, 1928; Bib of State Mining Bureau 1880-1917. Provenance: M. Rogers Library. Est. $50-100

226. California. Mining. Empire Cons Quicksilver Mining Co. Cert #396. Incorporated in New Jersey. Issued to Albert Vermass for 10 shares in 1901. Signed by Wm .H. Kimball treasurer and Wm. H. Dowe president. No vignette. Brown border and underprint. Uncancelled. Printer - John A. Lowell, Boston. 7 x 10”.

This company was probably operating in California. There is indication that it may have had mines in both Lake and Colusa Counties (dm), but Lake County had space production prior to 1905. Xf. Est. $75-150

227. California. Mining. Grenoble Mining Co. Cert #170. Incorporated in California. Issued to E. R. Grant for 100 shares in 1887. Signed by A. H. Koefoch vice president and E. R. Grant asst secretary. No vignette. Black border and print on yellow paper. Uncancelled. Printer - Railway & Bankers Eng, NY. 5 x 7”.

This has been one of the most frustrating certificates we have ever handled. We have yet to nail where the operations were located. There is not a place with the name Grenoble in California. The only Grenoble we find in our searches is that of a University town in France. The scenery is very similar looking to that of the Sierra Nevada, especially in the Eastern Sierra country including Inyo and Mono Counties. We are somewhat sure the company was in California. But, to be honest, we have no clue where the company owned property. Chip to lower right corner. Fine to very fine. Est. $50-150

228. California. Mining. Minerals of California. Lot of 7. Three hard bound books and 4 pamphlets on California minerals and mineralogy. Provenance: M. Rogers Library. Est. $50-75

229. California. Mining. Silver Mountain & Diamondville Stock Certificates. Lot of 2 different pcs. (1) Located at Diamondville, Butte County. Cert #234. Unissued, unsigned. Incorporated in 1875. Uncancelled. Vignette of a stream running down a canyon at

left edge. Datelined Dayton, CA. “Location: Diamondville, Butte County, Cal” printed on certificate. Diamondville was originally called Goatville, but was later changed to commemorate James Diamond, the miner who discovered the first mine. (2) No cert #. Located in the Silver Mountain district, Alpine County. Incorporated in 1863. Unissued, unsigned, uncancelled. Vignette at left of John Hancock, and at center of a water powered building. Printer - Crocker. 6 x 10”. A rush started to the Silver Mountain area around 1860. The district was originally called Koningsburg, but changed to Silver Mountain in 1862. Both extremely fine. Est. $30-60

230. California. Mono. Bodie. Bodie Evening News, 1882. Vol II, No 8, August 16, 1882. Published by John J. Curry. 4pps. The paper has a few articles specific to Bodie and several short articles from surrounding towns such as Battle Mountain, Reno, Los Angeles, etc. The 3rd page has a listing of mining stock prices for that day. Five hole punches along left edges from mounting in a portfolio. Extremely fine. Est. $100-200

231. California. Mono. Bodie. Kuhlman Drugstore Medicine Bottle, c.1880. 4.1” tall. Small lip chip near front, but displays wonderfully. Medium purple with very minor interior stain. Apothecary scales with wreath surrounding at left, embossed “Kuhlman/ Drugs/ Bodie, Cal.”

This rare bottle is the first we have offered since we started writing catalogs, and is the first we have had in perhaps the last fifteen years. A scrolled typed note with the bottle tells its story. It was found in 1939 by Fred Thompson and given to a collector in 1963. Thompson, a rambling cowboy, found the bottle on the shore of Mono Lake and kept it in his bedroll. He kept it as a treasure, but sold it to C. Burkham in Yerington for $10 in 1963, a princely sum for a drugstore bottle back then. Est. $300-600

232. California. Mono. Bodie. Mono County Bank Memos, 1884. Lot of 2 pcs. Datelined Bodie, Cal., stamped Paid, two notes on Mono County Bank letterhead to the Cashier of the Bullion and Exchange Bank in Carson City, Nevada. 5 x8 size. Fine condition. Est. $40-60

233. California. Mono. Bodie. Standard Cons Mining Co. No cert #. This a Proof sheet. We offered a Specimen of this company in a previous sale. Incorporated in 1879. Unissued, unsigned. Vignette at middle of a cherub holding an 1879 Seated Liberty Coin. Black border and print. Uncancelled. Printer - ABN. 8 x 11”. “Location Bodie Mining Dist., Mono Co, California” printed at bottom. Stained along lower one third of certificate. 1.5 inch tear at top edge extending across border.

In 1877 the Standard mine was purchased with the formation of the company quickly following. “During 1883, dividends of $25,000 per month were paid, with an extra one of $25,000 in December, aggregating $325,000 for the year.” This was one of the best producing mines in the Bodie district, working levels as deep as 1200 feet. For the year 1883, total production was $1 million gold and $140,000 silver. Since the beginning of mining in 1877-1883, total production was in excess of $9.5 million. (Burchard, 1883, p.172-174). Est. $700-1500

234. California. Mono. Bridgeport. Superior Court Proof of Posting, 1890. A court posting for Belle Goodson to handle the affairs of D. V. Goodson, deceased. This document was to be posted at the Richardson Saloon and the Post Office. Priorities were very different 100 years ago when posting a legal document in a Saloon was mandated by the court. Signed by Kistin and Baker. 12 1/2” x 8”. Vf, soiled at folds. Est. $50-100

235. California. Mono. Mammoth Lake. Mammoth Lake Photographs. Lot of 6 photos. By photographer Stephen Willard, nos. 760, 3039, 925, 875, 626, and 554. Black and White, professionally reproduced on wide white matting, 11 x 14. Est. $300-600

236. California. Mono. Mono Lake and Mono County Publications. Lot of 2. 1) The Story of Early Mono County, by Ella M. Cain. Published by Fearon Pub. Inc., San Francisco, 1961. Paper cover, 166 pgs. Photos. 2) USGS, Eighth Annual Report, 1886-87, Part 1, J.W. Powell, Director. Contains article, “Quaternary History of Mono Valley, California.” Hard cover (worn), 474 pgs. Souza Collection. Est. $75-100 (not illustrated)

237. California. Mono. Mono Paper, U.S.G.S. Eighth Annual Report. Part I of the 8th Annual Report. John Wesley Powell, Director, 1886-1887. Provenance: M. Rogers Library. Est. $75-150

238. California. Monterey. Benito. Benito Mining District Mill Site Claim Announcement, 1873. This appears to be a duplicate copy of an announcement for the acquisition of a mill site within the Benito Mining District by Roscoe G. Norton in 1873. The announcement is a one page manuscript legal document with two accompanying pages showing a general map of the property discussed. The Benito district is best known for the discovery of a barite based mineral that resembles sapphire named in honor of the district – Benitoite. Extremely fine. Est. $130-250

239. California. Monterey. Gorda. Gorda Gold Mining Co. Cert #694. Incorporated in Arizona, 1908. Issued to Mrs. Lida Hood Talbot for 1000 shares in 1916. Signed by J. H. Heath president and Robert Young secretary. Vignette at upper left of miners. Gold border, seal and safety print. Uncancelled. Printer - Goes, dist. By Smith Bros Office Outfitters, Oakland. 8 x 11”.

The name Gordo and Gorda shows up in several places in California. But there is a Gorda located in Monterey County described as follows: “Settlement, mine and school preserve the old name of the nearby cape, Punta Gorda…” (California Place Names, Gudde.) Extremely fine. Est. $100-200

240. California. Mother Lode. A Memorial and Biographical History of the Counties of Merced, Stanislaus, Calaveras, Tuolumne and Mariposa, California. Illustrated, 1892. Lewis Publishing Co.408pp. 9.5 x 12”. Dark brown boards with geometric patterns pressed at borders. Gilt lettered spine and cover. This is one of the many Lewis works covering part of California. His works on southern California and northern California appear to be more common. This volume is in very fine condition, with a tear to the spine binding at the top and usual wear along hinges. It is a clean copy. Est. $200-300

241. California. Mother Lode. California Gold Region Map, c.1940’s. Has cloth back, measures 33 1/2” x 66” with wooden strips and wire for hanging at top; bottom has wooden strip as well. Excellent condition. Souza Collection. Est. $150-300 (not illustrated)

242. California. Napa. Napa. Bank of Napa Documents, 1877-1886. Lot of 32 pcs. 31 of the pieces are similar items from the Anglo Californian Bank for a debit to Bank of Napa. A accounting sheet for the client Bank of Napa, from J. W. Seligman & Co, dated 1877. Fine. Est. $150-200

243. California. Napa. Napa. Charles Krug Autograph, 1877. Bank of Napa Check. Issued to Charles Krug for $395. Datelined Napa City, Cal, 1877 on the Bank of Napa and Anglo-Californian Bank. Signed by W. C. Watson cashier. Red print. Blue 2 cent revenue stamp at upper right. Signed and Endorsed on reverse by Charles Krug. Krug was an important early printer at Napa. His company is still in business today with some of the most popular sparkling wines of the region. Printer - C. G. Crawford. Very fine. Important Napa Autograph piece. Extremely rare. Est. $250-500

244. California. Nevada. California Dredging & Mining Co. Cert #317. Incorporated in 1877. Issued to C. E. Buckingham for 200 shares in 1879. Signed by Chas. H. Swain president and C. E. Buckingham secretary. Small vignette at left edge. Gold border and print on green safety print. Uncancelled. Printer - Edward Penne & Co. 4 x 7”. Datelined San Francisco.

This company was probably operating in Nevada County, or other placer areas of the Mother Lode region. Extremely fine. Est. $150-300

245. California. Nevada. Donner. Donner Pass and the Sierra Nevada Crossing Publications. Lot of 5 pcs. 1) High Road to Promontory, building the Central Pacific Across the High Sierra, by George Kraus. Published by Castle Books, New York, 1969. 310 pgs. 2) Nevada County Narrow Gauge, by Gerald M. Best. Published by Howell-North Books, Berkeley, CA., 1965. 214 pgs. 3) Donner Pass, Southern Pacific’s Sierra Crossing, by John R. Signor. Published by Golden West Books, San Marino, CA., 1985. 290 pgs. 4) Place Names of the Sierra Nevada, by Peter Browning. Published: Wilderness Press, Berkeley, 2nd printing, 1992. Paperback. 196 pgs. 5) History of the Sierra Nevada, by Francis P. Farquhar. Published by University of California Press, Berkeley. Paperback. 262 pgs. Souza Collection. Est. $120-200

246. California. Nevada. Grass Valley. Gold Quartz Veins of Grass Valley. Prof. Paper 194. By W.D. Johnston, 1940. 101 pages, with several fold-out maps, and maps held in envelope in back. Black and white photos, and illustrations. Soft bound, with only minor wear to cover. Vf. This is the best reference on the gold veins of Grass Valley, which were among the richest in the world. Est. $50-100

247. California. Nevada. Grass Valley. Maryland Gold Quartz Mining Co. Cert #37. Incorporated in California, 1880. Issued to David M. Jove for 50 shares in 1888. Signed by Dorsey president and L. V. Dorsey secretary. No vignette. Black border and print. Uncancelled. Printer not noted. 5 x 9”.

The Maryland was a major mine in the Grass Valley district. Ore came from the Idaho-Maryland-Eureka vein system which was discovered in 1851. In 1893, the Maryland purchased the Idaho after litigation. Through 1902, the property produced about $13 million. (Hamilton, p185-88). Rust stains on left third of certificate. Trimmed tight at left edge. Fine to very fine. Est. $75-150

248. California. Nevada. Grass Valley. Nevada County Development & Improvement Co. Cert #52. Incorporated in 1889. Issued to E. J. de Sabla Jr. for 50 shares in 1893. Signed by E. J. de Sabla Jr president and J. Mathias Jr secretary. No vignette. Black border. Uncancelled. Printer - Dutton & Partridge, SF. 6 x 10”. We did not find a reference to this company within our mining and geology library. Most likely the company did not have any mining operations. Very fine. Est. $75-150

249. California. Nevada. Meadow Lake. Cisco Cons Gold Mining Co. Cert. #C335. Issued to Francis C. Harmstad for 100 shares in 1880. Signed by Wm. M. Reynolds president and Oliver Chavlick secretary. Vignette of the California State Seal flanked by a mining scene and train scene. Black border. Uncancelled. Printer - ABN. 7 x 11”.

Prospecting at Meadow Lake began with the advent of the California Gold Rush, and intensified with the discovery of the Comstock. In 1865, the Excelsior Co announced a rich discover and dubbed the new district with their name. Since Meadow Lake is near Truckee, and the Comstock Lode, miners madly rushed to the area to find their fortunes. Over the next year, enumerable towns seemed to spring up out of the ground, including Hudsonville, Excelsior, Atlanta and Summit City. Furious trading of stock took place over the next year, as bullion was produced and reported in the newspapers. The years spanning 1867-1874 saw a realization that the mines were not as bountiful as anticipated. People fled as quickly as they had arrived. At the time this certificate was issued, several small mills were still processing ore, and in 1881, the Cisco announced plans to open another mill to be staffed by six men. The local papers continued to tout the region. One of the notables who went to Meadow Lake in 1865-66 was Orion Clemens, the secretary of the Nevada Territory and brother of author Sam Clemens. He lost everything he owned and retreated a beaten man. (Fatout, 1969). Extremely fine. Est. $200-300

250. California. Nevada. Nevada City. Grand Army of the Republic (GAR) Encampment Medal, 1898. California & Nevada State Encampment / April (pic of GAR ribbon) April 19-23 / 1898 / Nevada City, Cal // Nevada County / The Greatest Gold Producer / In California / (pic of mining tools overlapping each other) / Annual Output $2,500.000 / Aggregate Yield Since 1849 / $212,000,000 Weighing 350 tons. Rd, br, 35mm. Suspension eye at top. Small piece of the original ribbon included. Vf. Rare. Est. $100-200

251. California. Nevada. Nevada City. Idaho Quartz Mining Co Checks. Lot of 56. Fifty-six checks of two varieties drawn on the Idaho Quart M.C., datelined Grass Valley, and dated 1892 and 1893. Plain white paper with black print. John C. Coleman, Treasurer printed on left end and bearing his signature, along with E. Coleman signature on some. One variety serrated on edges. Est. $100-200

252. California. Nevada. Nevada City. Stiles Mining Co Documents. Lot of 16. Sam Curtis, one-time supt of the Gould & Curry MC in Virginia City, was Superintendent. A variety of papers, including cash statements, payroll vouchers, expense vouchers, and notes and memos. Mostly 1886. Est. $75-150

253. California. Nevada. Nevada City. Vigilance Gold Mining Co. Cert #11. Incorporated in California 1867. Issued to Wm E. Ingersoll for 100 shares in 1868. Signed by president, name illegible and A. P. Gatlin, secretary. Black border, vignette at left of seated woman, 25 cent tax stamp affixed to vignette, small vignette of dog at bottom margin. Printer Crocker’s, uncancelled 4 x 9.

Neither the mine nor the principals are listed by Bean, 1867, Crocker, 1871, or MacBoyle, 1919. Probably all of the principals are from Sacramento, as indicated by the printer. The Company is also unlisted in Browne, 1868, or Raymond, 1870. Extremely Rare. Extremely fine. Est. $400-800

254. California. Nevada. Tahoe. Saga of Lake Tahoe, Vols. I & II. By E. B. Scott. Many photographs, 519 and 528 pgs. respectively. Published by Sierra-Tahoe Publishing Co., Pebble Beach, CA, first in 1973. These are 1993 reprints. 9 x 12. Dust covers, excellent shape. Est. $75-150

255. California. Nevada. Tahoe. Winter Olympic Color Postcard and Envelope. Lot of 2 pcs. 1960. Postcard Caption reads, “Down He Comes at Squaw Valley Lake Tahoe, Calif: Scene of the 1960 Winter Olympic Powder Skiing…” Postcard and envelope have 4 cent Olympic issue postage stamps, both postmarked Olympic Valley, 1960. Vf-Xf, some foxing on the envelope. 3” x 5” and 4” x 7”. Est. $10-20

256. California. Nevada. Washington. Toy Coin Bank and Car. :Lot of 2 pcs. The coin bank is a man with his hands in his pockets, dressed in Park Ranger hat and boots (or Rough Rider?). 7” tall. Iron. Shirt is painted green with red collar, boots are black and hat brown. Coin slot is across his back. The car is 5 1/2” long, has movable wheels, looks like a “touring” model with two “windows” for passengers in the back behind the driver’s seat. Orange paint is nearly gone. Both pieces rusted but no parts missing. These were dug up in Washington, CA., between Donner Pass and Nevada City. Souza Collection. Est. $150-300

257. California. Placer. Placer County History Publications. Lot of 2 pcs. 1) History of Placer and Nevada Counties California, with Biographical Sketches, by W.B. Lardner and M.J. Brock. Published by Historic Record Company, Los Angeles, CA., 1924. Reprint. 1255 pgs. Like new. 2) History of Placer County, California with Illustrations and Biographical Sketches of its Prominent Men and Pioneers. Published by Thompson & West, Oakland, Ca., 1882. Reprint. 416 pgs. With index. Souza Collection. Est. $100-200

258. California. Plumas. La Porte. California Gold Rush Checks, 1874-76. Lot of 3 rare pcs. Three checks datelined La Porte, Cal., and dated 1874 and 1876. All drawn on Bank of La Porte. Two signed by S. Wheeler, Cashier and one by Amandes Kleckner, president. One on plain paper with red printing and orange underprinted 2-cent revenue “stamp.” Vignette of red printed head of dog, bottom center. Printed by Waters, Newhuff & Co., S. F. Other two have vignette, left end, of two miners pushing loaded ore car at tunnel mouth. They also have underprinted orange 2-cent revenue stamp. Good condition. Est. $75-150

259. California. Plumas. La Porte. Wells, Fargo & Co Franked Cover, c.1864. Bold “La Porte” cancel in blue. Imprinted red 3 cent stamp. Rag left edge. No letter. Very fine.

Est. $100-200

260. California. Plumas. Taylorsville. Geo. Z. Wait Co Bills of Lading. Lot of 2 pcs. Geo. Z. Wait Co., Wholesale Manufacturing Pharmacists and Chemists, of Sacramento, California issued these two billheads in 1922 for bitters and/or whiskey, and a couple of other items. Sold to C.E. Young, of Taylorsville, Plumas County. Est. $25-50

261. California. Plumas. Taylorsville. W. F. Stimpson Co Promissory Note. #3209. Datelined Taylorsville, CA., 1900. For $11, paid. 2 cent revenue stamp. 3” x 8”. Vf, folds, foxing. Est. $20-40

262. California. Plumas. Walker Mining Co. Cert. #A1271. Incorporated in Arizona State, 1913. Issued to Albert C. Krug, for 100 shares in 1936. Signed by E.D. Walker, v. president, and by asst. secretary. Vignette of two underground miners with drill. Green border, safety print and seal. Uncancelled. No printer shown.

Company was formed to take over and operate the Walker mine, began work in 1916, previous to which little had been done. Controlled with 51% stock by the Anaconda Copper Mng. Co. through its subsidiary, International Smelting Co. Company located 22 m. NW of Portola, CA. The main orebody has a maximum width of 120’ with an average of 30’. Five orebodies have been found and developed up to the end of 1929 from 200’ to 1000’ in length. In 1929 became largest copper producer in California. Reserves are good, but with the drop in copper prices in 1930 only a small margin of profit can be made. [Ref: Copper Handbook, 1931, pgs. 684-87]. VF. Est. $30-60

263. California. Railroad. Sierra Railway Co of California Bond. Cert. # 1406. Unsigned, dated 1897, $1000 value. Vignette of train and cars with pine trees, cultivated field, and cattle. Small vignettes in bottom corners of seated allegorical figure with lance and shield overlooking a bay at sunrise. Wide green border. Printer: Mutual Label & Lith. Co., S.F. Cal. Attached are two full pages of coupons (80 total), signed by John M. Bomer. Meas. 10 x 15.

Oakdale to Tuolumne, Cal., 56.5 miles; Jamestown to Angels, 19.3 m., a total of 75.8 miles. Chartered Feb. 1, 1897 in California, the road opened in 1900, and the branch from Jamestown to Angels opened 1902. The company had 9 locomotives, 6 passenger cars, 3 baggage, 78 and 2 service cars for a total of 89. For the year ending 1905 the company had net earnings of $124,366. directors were T..S. Bullock, Wm. H. Crocker, J.H. Crocker, W.F. Pierce, Samuel Sussman, S.D. Freshman, and Prince A. Poniatowski. [Ref: Poor’s, 1906, pg. 654.]. Slight staining along two edges. Est. $50-100

264. California. Railroad. Sierra Railway Co Tickets. Lot of 12 pcs. Group represents every stop on Sierra Railway, including Yosemite. Dates 1919-1920’s. Meas. 1 1/4 x 2 1/4”. Est. $75-150

265. California. Sacramento. Buckner. J. P. Melchior & Co., Groceries, Provisions, Liquors. Datelined Buckner’s Ranch, 1863. Measures 7 x 8 1/2.” There was a town of Buckner located 21 miles south of Sacramento that had a post office from 1853-1857. There is no listing for Buckner’s Ranch in the California Place Names. Torn along center crease. Rare. Est. $25-50

266. California. Sacramento. Folsom. Folsom Billheads. Lot of 2 pcs. One from Jacob Miller, Dealer in Coffins, dated 1876, and the other from W.L. Perkins, Forwarding and Commission Merchant, dated 1863. Top center of billhead has been cut out on the latter piece. Est. $35-60

267. California. Sacramento. Galt. El Dorado Brewing Company, Don Ray & Co. etc, Documents. Lot of 17 pcs. Most pieces are correspondence or invoices to El Dorado Brewing Co., including a 3-page letter from a woman applying for a sales position. Many of the

billheads are from the Don Ray & Company, dealers in General Merchandise and Grain, a name that is now famous in advertising and billboards. One billhead from 1887, but others date from 1913-1915. Est. $50-75

268. California. Sacramento. Sacramento. Hall Luhrs & Co Whiskey Bottle. Embossed with “Hall Luhrs & Co Sacramento.” 12” tall. Minor scratches on top. Wonderful purple color. Extremely fine. Est. $40-60

269. California. Sacramento. Sacramento. Receipt for Payment of Ranch Hands, 1858. On the back of Alta Express, California letterhead. Alta Express was located in Sacramento, California in 1858. Blue lined paper, 8 x 10. Looks like Daglor’s Ranch, September, 1858. Signed by John I. Farner. Extremely rare. Est. $100-200

270. California. Sacramento. Sacramento. Sacramento Valley Railroad Receipt. Date of 1861. Stains along bottom and lower right edge. Meas. 4x7.” Light blue paper. Est. $50-100

271. California. Sacramento. Sacramento. Spread Eagle Copper Mining Co. Cert. #58. Incorporated in 1863. Issued to Richard Leland for 10 shares in 1863. Signed by F. A. Park president and W. E. Chambers secretary. Vignette of a spread winged eagle with shield. Vignette at left edge of woman holding the American Flag. Black border and print. Uncancelled. Printer - H. S. Crocker & Co’s Print, Sacramento. 5 x 10. 25 cent adhesive revenue stamp affixed at left. Chip near upper left corner and upper right corner. “Saginaw District, Sacramento” printed at top. Datelined Sacramento. Very fine. Est. $300-600

272. California. Sacramento. Sutter Creek. Knight Foundry Iron Piece. A 3 1/2” tall, vase-shaped piece made of iron. Round base is 2 3/4” across, and tulip-shaped “vase” is 3” tall. Printed on side is: “Knight Foundry/ Sutter Creek, Cal.” On obverse is “Ince/ 1873.” It is not known what purpose of this piece might have been. Souza Collection. Est. $75-100

273. California. Sacramento. Sutter Creek. Sutter Creek Boot Scraper. Cast iron on 2 x 3 1/2” base with holes to use in bolting to doorstep. Upper part is 6” long by 2 3/4” tall in a curvy design, with “Knight Foundry Co” embossed on one side of scraper and “Sutter Creek, Calif” on the opposite side. Est. $50-100

274. California. San Bernardino. Clarke. Mojave Tungsten Co. Cert #B1551. Incorporated in Delaware. Issued to G. W. Field & Co for 100 shares in 1917. Signed by J. S. Hillman vice president and G. T. Singer secretary. Vignette at top middle of miners underground. Green border and safety print. Uncancelled. Printer - Security Bank Note. 8 x 11”. “Mines Located in San Bernardino County, California” printed at top of certificate.

The company had property in both California and Colorado. The California property was located in the Clarke district, located about 20 miles from Jean, Nevada. The Colorado property was located at Boulder Falls, Boulder. At the time of this certificate, the Colorado property was the primary ore producer. The California property was being developed and had only produced 4 tons of concentrates. (Mines Handbook, 1918, p.614). Very fine. Est. $40-80

275. California. San Bernardino. Needles. Mount Whipple Gold Mining Co. Cert. #8. Incorporated in Arizona Territory, 1903. Issued to J. L. Curtis in 1903 for 100,000 shares. Signed by J.L. Curtis, president, and F.C. Austin, secretary. Stamped cancelled. Center vignette of mill on river’s edge, flanked by two smaller vignettes of underground mining scenes. Green border and seal. Printer: Goes. 8 1/4 x 11.”

This company was probably a reorganization of the Mount Whipple Mining Company. The office was located in Needles and its property near Empire Flats, on the Colorado River, near the junction of the Bill Williams Fork River. The property consisted of 10 claims, developed by a 1000 ft. tunnel from which small shipments of ore had been made, assaying up to 15% copper, with materially larger gold values. [Ref: Copper Handbook, 1908, p. 1000: 1910-1911, p. 1242]. Mount Whipple Mining Company was listed as deal in Vol. XI of the Copper Handbook. Est. $25-75

276. California. San Bernardino. San Bernardino County Land Deeds and Photograph. Lot of 13. Dating from 1891-1930, these deeds may actually be for the same piece of property in Redlands, California, documenting the change of ownership over the years. The photograph is of the Overland House , and shows a group of men (seated), and two women and a young girl standing on the covered front porch and a man on horseback in the street facing them. The house is covered with vines and is surrounded by a picket fence and trees. Martin & Wilder, Photographers in Riverside, California. 5 1/4 x 8 1/2.” Some spotting and fading. Est. $50-100

277. California. San Diego. Encinitas. Danes Lea Mining Co. Cert #45. Incorporated in California, 1900. Issued to F. L. Tuffley for 1000 shares in 1906. Signed by F. F. Fyler president and H. C. Harland secretary. Vignette of a mill next to a stream with two smaller vignettes. Black border with gilt seal and safety print. Cancelled by blue pen. Printer - Goes. 5 x 8”. The consignor claims that this company had operations that were located 8 miles east of Encinitas, San Diego County. No reference cited. Very fine. Est. $40-80

278. California. San Diego. Encinitas. Encinitas Copper Mining & Smelting Co. Cert #26. Incorporated in California. Issued to H. MacKinnon for 2500 shares in 1899. Signed by S. W. Knoff president and F. P. Tracy secretary. Vignette of miners underground. Black border with orange safety print. Cancelled by red stamp at top right. Printer not noted. 8 x 11”. Datelined San Diego, Cal. Operations at Encinitas. Very fine. Est. $50-100

279. California. San Diego. Lavic. Imperial Lode Mining & Reduction Co. Cert. #86. Incorporated in Arizona 1917. Issued to James Merrill Griminick, 1917, for 100 shares. Signed by president James Clendinen and secretary John W. Bowen. Vignette Bald Eagle with wing spread, flanked by masted sailing ship and a train. Black border with gilt safety print and seal. Uncancelled. No printer shown. 8 x 10. Dateline: Baltimore, Md.

“14 claims, 7 miles SE of Lavic, San Diego county. From 1884-1890, the mine is said to have yielded $200,000 from surface ore averaging $75 per ton. Development by tunnel and other workings to a depth of 450’. The imposing estimate of ore reserves….is a very marked case of ore estimation run wild.” [Ref: Mines Hndbk, 1924, p. 571]. Fold creases. XF. Est. $40-80

280. California. San Francisco. San Francisco. Albert Mau & Co Letterhead, 1876. Lot of 2 pcs. (1) Datelined San Francisco, 1876, and addressed to Carson City Savings Bank. Signed by company. 8” x 10”. (2) Datelined San Francisco, 1876. Addressed to Carson City Savings Bank. Company masthead, with A.M. & C. Brand of Tea logo at left of masthead. Signed Albert Mau & Co. 8” x 10”. Vf, folds, some smearing of letters. Xf, folds. Est. $50-100

281. California. San Francisco. San Francisco. Bank of California Building Stereocard, c.1880. Scene is of the Bank of California building located in San Francisco. The streets in front of the two story building are empty, probably only for the photograph. Published by American Scenery. Pen notes on reverse, but not sure what the notes refer to. Three of the corners are damaged with small chipping. All corners have wear. Image has some spotting. Fine. Rare. Est. $175-300

282. California. San Francisco. San Francisco. California Midwinter International Expo Souvenir Token, 1894. Souvenir / (modification of State Seal) / San Francisco, California // California Midwinter International

Exposition / (Administration Building) / 1894. Rd, al, 52mm. There is no similar comparison in Hilbert Kappen of the obverse or reverse. We assume this variation to be extremely rare. Xf-Au. Est. $75-150

283. California. San Francisco. San Francisco. City of San Francisco Comptroller, Andrew J. Moulder. Gold Rush era unissued warrant, No. 185, on lilac paper with black border and print. Est. $25-50

284. California. San Francisco. San Francisco. European & American Steam Shipping Co, Ltd. Cert #9212. Incorporated in 1857. Issued to John Lewis Mallet for 1 share in 1857. Signed by Chas. Tarynhamm, S. Clive and W. Campbell. No vignette. Black print. Uncancelled. Printer not noted. 8 x 9”.

This company formed to transport people to the California Gold Rush area. In 1850, 93 ships left Britain, only 10 left France, headed for California. Adolph Sutro would have taken a ship like this from Prussia to Britain and onto New York. From here, people would connect with an American ship to Panama, cross Central America and board another ship bound for San Francisco. There was also a European & American agency set up in London that formed to work the mines in America. Extremely fine. Est. $200-400

285. California. San Francisco. San Francisco. Golden Gate International Exposition Display Cloth, 1939. Blue felt back by black linen with painted pictures of San Francisco landmarks: Tower of the Sun, Avenue of the Seven Seas, Oakland Bay Bridge, Main Portal, and Golden Gate Bridge. Meas. 14 1/2 x 18,” slightly larger than a placemat. Mint. Est. $50-100

286. California. San Francisco. San Francisco. Golden Gate Souvenir Silver Spoons, c.1910. Lot of 3 different pcs. (1) Engraved bowl with a scene of Fort Point with the sun setting in the background. Initials engraved at end of handle. 6” long. (2) Embossed bowl with scene of Fort Point to left and sun setting at middle. The words Golden Gate San Francisco, Cal are in relief. The handle has images of the California State Seal, the State Capitol and Wawona. 6”. (3) Embossed bowl with a scene showing Fort Point at left, a sun setting at middle back and a sailboat on the Bay. The words Golden Gate at bottom. Handle has the California Bear at end with a gold pan and shovel below the bear. San Francisco is within a banner. 6” long. All very fine. Est. $50-150

287. California. San Francisco. San Francisco. Junta Patroitica De S. Francisco. 1863 broadside, detailing news of Mexican nationals in San Francisco and Virginia City, who fled the country when Maximillan was emperor of Mexico. It also announces the reorganization of the Junta and the election of new officers. 26” x 17”. Printed by R. Garcia, S.F. This piece is apparently rare, with only one appearing in a search conducted at the Bancroft Library, Univ. of CA, Berkeley. Fine, chipped at margins, some tears and small hills at old folds, light stain at middle right half. Est. $100-200

288. California. San Francisco. San Francisco. Kimball Carriage & Car Manufacturing Co Advertising Cover. Addressed to Geo. E. Rice, Yokohama, Japan, with notation introducingMr. C. R. Bacon. Fantastic cover with vignettes of a San Francisco cable car, “Fourth Street Corner Bryant” on the front and a carriage on the reverse. 3 1/4 x 6.” Est. $120-250

289. California. San Francisco. San Francisco. Kimball Manufacturing Co Correspondence, 1877. Letter addressed to Geo. E. Rice, Esq., Yokohama, Japan, January 16, 1877 introducing Mr. Charles R. Bacon, of the Cornell Watch Co., who will be traveling to Japan. Kimball Mfg. Co. were builders of cable cars in San Francisco.

The company supplied some of the first cars for Cal Cable’s line in 1877, about 12 or 13 sets, which consisted of an open dummy or grip car and an enclosed trailer. They were replaced in 1891-92 by the California Street Cable Railroad Co. [Ref: cablemuseum.com]. Letterhead has wonderful graphics, and describes the company as “Manufacturers of Railroad Cars of all descriptions, Wagons, etc.” The Cornell Watch Co. was organized in 1869 by Mr. J.C. Adams (one of the founders of the Elgin Watch Co. and an extremely well known name in

watchmaking history) and Mr. Paul Cornell of Grand Crossing, Illinois. Adams served as general agent of the company for a time. The company failed in 1873. 8 1/2” x11.” Est. $75-120

290. California. San Francisco. San Francisco. Pacific Coast Borax Co Illustrated Letterhead, c.1900. The letterhead has a typed letter to a merchant that was carrying the 20 Mule Train Borax Products of the Pacific Coast Borax Co. What makes this a wonderful piece is the illustrated letterhead. The top quarter of the sheet contains a fabulous vignette of a 20 mule train pulling wagons of borax. Very fine. Est. $50-100

291. California. San Francisco. San Francisco. Parker’s San Francisco Directory, 1852. Listed by Quebedeaux as one of the first three complete (not business only) San Francisco directories. It is the first to have a map of the city included, a lithograph by J. Le Count. Quebedeaux reports that the directory contains about 9,000 names. Bancroft noted that it was the best directory “to date”. The directory has not been reprinted to my knowledge. It contains 48 pps of advertisings plus the covers. Interior foxing. This specific piece has a half signature out of order (that may have been a full signature in those days), as originally made. Pages 87-94 are found after page 102. Great ads for Wells, Fargo & Co, Adams Express, gold dust buyers, etc. Great content for gold rush research and a choice rare piece. This is the same directory as we offered in Auction #20, but the winning bidder never paid for the lot. Est. $3000-6000

292. California. San Francisco. San Francisco. San Francisco Mint Bullion Deposit Receipt, 1861. The receipt is printed in red on a light purple paper. The description of bullion is printed as “Grains, California”. The designation of “grains” was typically only used at the Philadelphia mint. The term “California” referred to placer gold. A total of 44 ounces of gold were deposited by Banks & Davies in 1861. Signed by J. Walton, treasurer. Extremely early San Francisco mint deposit form. Minor chip at bottom left. Fine to very fine. Est. $150-300

293. California. San Francisco. San Francisco. San Francisco Mint Bullion Deposit Receipt, 1870. Receipt #9384, issued in the amount of $412.12 in Gold Coins, to Kinse & name illegible, dated April 16, 1870. Signed by Ed. S. Gavin for the Superintendent, and F. Litsch. For bullion described as grains nuggets, and amalgam of gold. Signed by Ed. S. Gavin, for Treasurer of the Branch Mint, and W.G. Young. Red print on white paper, 4 1/2 x 11. Very fine. Est. $75-150

294. California. San Francisco. San Francisco. San Francisco Mint Silver Ingot, c.1920-30. Top has US Mint emblem with “Mint of the United States / (pic of eagle) / At San Francisco. Serial #337. 999.5 Fine.” Reverse is stamped with 5.15 OZS. Est. $600-1200

295. California. San Francisco. San Francisco. San Francisco Municipal Reports, 1869-1903 (Incomplete set). Lot of 9. By Order of the Board of Supervisors, published by the W.M. Hinton & Co., the Commercial Publishing Co., the Geo. Spaulding & Co., San Francisco, and others. Some of the names of intended recipients—i.e. William J. Bryan/ Martin Mangels/ T.G. Alvord/ and the City of Belfast—embossed in gold on the cover. Originanal bindings. 300-500 pgs. Souza Collection. Est. $150-300

296. California. San Francisco. San Francisco. San Francisco Stock and Bond Exchange, Official Report, May, 1913. Lists names of Officers and Members and members’ addresses, stock companies and bond companies and their stats. Stamped across front of paper in red, “E.H. Rollins & Sons First National Bank Building San Francisco, Cal.” Good condition. Est. $25-75

297. California. San Francisco. San Francisco. Wells, Fargo & Co Bank San Francisco Signature Group. Lot of 4. Wadsworth and others. Dates 1894, 1896, 1901, 1904. Est. $25-50

298. California. San Francisco. San Francisco. Wells, Fargo & Co Collection and Commission Department Letter, 1858. Addressed to T. F. Tracy, Agent in Placerville, from G. Palache, for Wells Fargo in San Francisco. Date May 13, 1858. An order to allow Hall & Hume to collect “ten or fifteen dollars.” Very fine condition. Rare.8 x 10.” Est. $100-200

299. No Lot.

California. San Francisco. San Francisco. Wells, Fargo & Co Lock. See Misc. Lock section.

300. California. San Francisco. San Francisco. Working Manuscript of the letters of Thomas Sturgeon to his wife, 1852-53 & 1860-61. Ruth Watson, in 1939, acquired a complete set of letters sent by Thomas Sturgeon to his wife.

Thomas Sturgeon was a successful jeweler located in Lancaster, Ohio. In 1852, Sturgeon and his partner, Samuel Crim, decided to run horses to the booming city of San Francisco. They drove the horses across the plains, finding the venture very successful. Sturgeon found San Francisco to his liking, and upon returning to Ohio, he gathered his son and nephew and returned immediately to San Francisco. The letters in this working manuscript are typed translations of the original letters Sturgeon sent to his wife. The letters contain insight into what life was like in the early days of San Francisco.

There are approximately 100 pages of letters from this early trip and stay in San Francisco. Sturgeon’s wife refused to move to California and Sturgeon returned to Lancaster where he remained until his death in 1900. Included with the working manuscript are letters that Ruth Watson sent to publishers with their Reponses. It appears from the letters, that there was no interest in publishing the letters in the raw translated format. One of the responses suggests ways to improve the format to make the manuscript more marketable. Today, this piece would have more appeal to a wider market. Edges of some of the pages have chips. Fine. Est. $200-400

301. California. Shasta. Ingot. Afterthought Copper Co. Cert. #2485. Incorporated in Arizona Territory, 1909. Issued to Marie Heller, 1917, for 8/10 share. Signed by Geo. L. Porter, president, and E. Bibbins, secretary. Eagle vignette, clutching stars and stripes shield, surrounded by flowers. Black border, red safety print, underprint, and copper seal. Uncancelled. Printer not noted. 8 x 10. Dateline Ingot, California.

Company is successor of Great Western Gold Co., owns holdings of 1704 acres, including the Liberty, Last Chance, Section 15 and Bull groups, mines more or less developed being Afterthought, Copper Hill and Copper Grand. Lands are on the east side belt which extends from Ingot to DeLamar, and is entirely distinct from the copper belt on the west side of the Sacramento river. Lands show porphyry, slates and shales. The Afterthought mine, in the Furnaceville district, 20 m. east of Redding, had about 2000’ of workings when taken over by predecessor of present company. Ore estimated to carry 2.7-3.4% copper, 10-25% zinc, trace of lead, 6.4 oz. Silver and 52 cts. Gold per ton. Employs 100 men. [Ref: Copper Hndbk., 1918, p. 618]. XF. Est. $50-150

302. California. Shasta. Shasta County California, A History. By Rosena A. Giles, with map and illustrations. Published by Biobooks, Oakland, CA., 1949. 296 pgs. Souza Collection. Est. $50-100

303. California. Shasta. Shasta. Picturesque Shasta Springs. A picture book probably put out by the Southern Pacific. Brown hard boards with gilt scene of Mt. Shasta and gilt lettering, 7 x 10”. 20 pages, 4 text, 16 color plates. The text tells the story of the Legend of Shasta Springs. The story is from the Modoc Indians and was also listed in Bancrofts’ works. The color plates are gorgeous color scenes of the Mt. Shasta area that are lithographed on both sides of the hard plates. Some wear to board edges and binding. The book was ex-libris from the Hays College, Kansas. Very fine. Rare. Est. $200-400

304. California. Sierra. Downieville. Yuba River Mining & Power Co Manuscript Letter, 1902. This manuscript letter is 4 pages written to Harry J. Clark, 1902. All four pages on are Yuba River Mining & Power Co letterhead, datelined Downieville and Chicago. Written by J. W. Fennely(?) who has decided that he can no longer be helpful in coordinating a law suit with W. C. Clark. The suit appears to revolve around mining property and an estate, which are probably one in the same. The writer felt that the people he was supposed to represent had not stayed committed to the

cause, and some back stabbing had taken place. He spells out his intentions to withdraw from the group involved in the suit, and suggested that Harry J. Clark drop the fight. Each page is very fine. Est. $60-120

305. California. Sierra. Harlem Mining & Milling Co. Cert #A687. Incorporated in New York. Issued to Wm G. Lord for 100 shares in 1883. Signed by James Kelso president, Wm G. Lord secretary and secretary. Vignette at each side of miners underground. Brown border. Uncancelled. Printer - Hamilton Bank Note. 7 x 11”. Datelined New York. “Location of Works, Sierra County, California” printed at bottom of certificate. Very fine. Est. $175-300

306. California. Siskiyou. Hunters Paradise Mines Reverse Blue Line Map, 1917. Produced by Office of Reeves Davis, June 1917. Measures: 35 x 50.” Shows Siskiyou Ditch, and Hunters Paradise Mine Nos. 1-8, and more. Est. $50-100 (not illustrated)

307. California. Solano. Vallejo. State Credit Memo, 1851. Measures 5 x 8”. Issued by Comptroller’s Office for $5,839.75. Printed by J. Winchester, State Printer. Fancy black border on left end. Heavily stained, torn on left ledge, and one-inch tear top margin. Est. $150-200

308. California. Trinity. Chloride Bailey Gold Mines Co Correspondence. Lot of 4. Written to Geo. W. Richards and the Bullion Exchange Bank, all signed by Homer Wilson. Three are typed, one handwritten, dated 1900. Est. $50-100

309. California. Tuolumne. Homestake Gold Mining Co of Tuolumne. Cert. #167. Incorporated in 1898. Datelined S.F., Cal. Issued to Emma V. Anderson for 100 shares in 1898. Signed by president L.W. Glauflin and secretary Wm. Burchett. Uncancelled. Vignette in the underprint of ore car at head of mine tunnel. 2cent document stamp at bottom center, and 3 cent document stamp at left. Black border and blue underprint. Printed by A. Carlisle. Not related to the famous Homestake Gold Mining Co. out of Lead, South Dakota. 5” x 9 3/4”. Xf, folds. Est. $75-150

310. California. Tuolumne. Tuolumne County Water Co. Cert. #1297. Incorporated in 1852. Datelined Columbia. Issued to John C. Mill. Signed by president (illegible) and secretary R. Robinson. Cancelled by writing and slashes over issuee. Vignette of men working sluice, at left. Black border and print. Printed by Britton & Rey. Poor condition, with damage to right side and bottom edge, and triangle cut out of top right. 7” x 10”. Est. $50-100

311. California. Yuba. Brownsville. I. O. O. F. Brownsville Lodge Treasurer’s Bond. Posted by G.S. W. Toogood, of the Independent Order of Odd Fellows, Brownsville Lodge No. 283, for $1000 in 1899. Est. $25-50

312. California. Yuba. Camptonville. Camptonville Trade Cards. Lot of 2. Approximately 3x5 size. One depicts maiden standing barefooted on a leaf of a bush and sipping from a flower. Colors of blue and silver. Presented by J.R. Meek. Reverse side text promotes Dr. Jane’s Expectorant and Liniment. Second card depicts milkmaid and two cows in a meadow. Presented by Wm. H. Calvin and back text also promotes Dr. Jane’s products. Rare California geographic location for trade cards. Est. $30-60

313. California. Yuba. Middle Yuba Canal & Water Co. Lot of 2. Letterhead of Office Langton’s Pioneer Express to Wells Fargo & Co., 1859, regarding submission of $60.25 dividend to J.C. Pratt, on the Middle Yuba Canal & Water Co. Signed by Jno. A. Selby. With it, a 1943 clipping on Langton’s Pioneer Express. Extremely rare. Est. $100-200

314. California. Yuba. Sucker Flat. Enterprise Mining Co Installment Due Notice, 1871. To Mr. W.C. Belcher. Pages looks to be torn from a notebook or form book—very uneven on left edge. Est. $25-50

315. California. Yuba. Yuba Cons Gold Fields Storehouse Requisition, 191x. Unused. Reverse has pencil drawn diagram and description of G.E. 75 H.P. motor. Very fine, fold, smudges. 5” x 7”. Est. $20-40


316. Canada. Alberta. Calgary. Beaver Oils. Cert #28105. Incorporated in Canada. Issued to L. S. D’Ardell for 100 shares in 1915. Signed by G. W. Myers secretary and W. Micklin president. Vignette of an oil field. Vignette is overlain by a red beaver chewing on a small log. Uncancelled. Printer - Goes. 8 x 11”. Black border with bronze seal and safety print. Very fine. Est. $25-50

317. Canada. British Columbia. Cranbrook. Mining Investment Co. of North America, Ltd Prospectus, c. 1902. Incorporated in British Columbia. This company was a mining investment company operating in British Columbia. The function of the company was to sell shares in their company, taking that money and investing it in other companies. When profits were made from the sale and purchase of other mining company stocks, a dividend would be paid. Sounds like a good idea, but also seems to easily turn into a stock jobbing scheme. A single sheet folded 3 times, unfolding out to 8 pages, each 3.5 x 6.” Blue print. Minor wear to fold creases. VF. Est. $50-100

318. Canada. British Columbia. Fairview. King Edward Mines, Ltd. Cert #129. Incorporated in British Columbia. Issued to W. B. Hine for 100 shares in 1904. Signed by W. B. Hine president and Richard H. Parkinson (appears to be rubber stamp) secretary. Vignette at upper left of lion’s head. Black border with bronze seal and safety print. Uncancelled. Printer - Goes. 8 x 11”. Datelined Fairview, B.C.

The town of Fairview began in 1897 and quickly grew into booming mining camp. The town survived until around WWI, when the Fairview was abandoned and many of the buildings were moved to a new town site. Attractive certificate. Very fine. Est. $30-60

319. Canada. British Columbia. Fairview. Smuggler Gold Mining & Milling Co. Cert #2651. Incorporated in British Columbia. Issued to Leonhard Verhoeff for 1000 shares in 1899. Signed by president and secretary. Vignette of miners underground. Green border with bronze seal and safety print. Uncancelled. Printer not noted. 8 x 11”. Datelined Toronto, Ontario.

The company formed during a boom period in the Fairview district, later to be known as the Penticton Camp. Probably owned the Smuggler claim. Information included with certificate. Wear to edges. Fine. Est. $35-70

320. Canada. British Columbia. Golden. British-American Copper Mines & Smelter Co. Cert. #1729. Incorporated in Arizona Territory, 1906. Issued to Willis Dolliver, 1907, for 200 shares. Signed by C.H. Tucker, president, and Thos. G. Selleck, secretary. No vignette. Black border on white paper with some red print highlights. Uncancelled. Printer not noted. Datelined Cleveland, O.

Located 43 m. from Golden and 10 m. from Wells Landing. Rough timbered terrain, showing strong outcrops. “ Company claimed in its advertisements, to have a 16’ vein and to have ‘contracted for’ 1000’ of tunnel, which would ‘block out ready for mining,’ $10,575,000 worth of high grade copper ore, which, of course, was a downright lie.” The company engaged in much false advertising and spurious claims—I.e. that this was the richest copper district in the world, and that the mine would begin shipping ore at once. “Idle, and the company must be regarded as a swindle.” [Ref: Mines Handbook, 1910-1911, pgs. 471-72].VF. Est. $40-80

321. Canada. British Columbia. Nelson. Alpine Mining Co. Lot of 4 identical certs #1448, 1449, 1454 & 1456. Issued to the Ross family, Charles and Norma, in 1947. Signed by John B. White and N. G. White. No vignette. Black border and print on yellow paper. Uncancelled. Printer not noted. 6 x 8”. The company owned a large amount of stock in the Alpine Gold Mining Co which owned 15 claims located about 18 miles from Nelson. In 1947, the company produced $400,000 in concentrates. (Mines Handbook, 1949, p.29). Extremely fine. Est. $30-60

322. Canada. British Columbia. Northern Belle Gold Mining Co. Cert #496. Incorporated in British Columbia. Issued to Leonhard Verhoeff for 1000 shares in 1897. Signed by H. Largent vice president and E. A. Lavent secretary. Vignette of miners underground. Green border and safety print with brown seal. Uncancelled. Printer - Alexander & Cable, Toronto. 8 x 11”. Datelined Toronto. The only Northern Belle GMC we found was listed as being in Alaska. After reviewing Hanscom’s new publication, Alaska & Yukon, listing for the Northern Belle, this company is not the same. Probably, this Northern Belle was operating somewhere in British Columbia. Wear along edges. Early piece for British Columbia. Fair to fine. Est. $35-70

323. Canada. British Columbia. Texada Island. Van Anda Copper & Gold Co. Cert #2880. Incorporated in Washington. Issued to Leonhard Verhoeff for 500 shares in 1899. Signed by president and B. Knowland secretary. Vignette at upper left corner of a woman. Below title is “Ore Purchasers, Smelters and Samplers. Owners of Cornell, Copper Queen, Little Billy, Florence and other producing Copper and Gold Mines.” Orange border and underprint. Blue seal. Uncancelled. Printer not noted. 9 x 12”. Datelined Van Anda, B. C. The property was leased to the Van Anda Mines & Smelter Co which suspended all work in 1904 ( Copper Handbook, 1905, p.802). Much wear, chips and small tears affect edges. Unique certificate. Poor. Est. $25-50

324. Canada. History. Tercentenary History of Canada. 3 Volumes. Written by Frank Basil Tracy and published by P.F. Collier & Son, Toronto, 1908. Hard cover, each about 300 pgs. Souza collection. Est. $50-100

325. Canada. Ontario. Abitibi. Abitibi & Cobalt Mining Co. Lot of 2 certificates. Cert #2090 & #7132. Incorporated in Canada. Both issued, 1901 & 1906, and signed. Uncancelled. Vignette at upper left of woman with hat. Black border with bronze seal and safety print. 8 x 11” Printer - Goes. Datelined Sault Ste Marie, Ontario. We assume this company to have had operations in the famous Abitibi district. Both fine. Est. $40-80

326. Canada. Ontario. Sudbury. Copper Mountain Apex Mines Ltd. Cert #S760. Incorporated in Arizona. Issued to W. Charles Graf for 29 shares in 1929. Signed by D. S. H. Crenshaw vice president and N. T. Ellis secretary. N vignette. Green border. Uncancelled. Printer - Broun Green, NY. 7 x 11”.

The Copper Mountain Apex Mines, Ltd. took over the Copper mountain (presumably the Barbara) property of Barbara-Marshay (formed in 1924) in 1929 for 1,000,000 shares. “This is obviously an ambitious undertaking and developments will be watched with much interest. It remains to be seen whether any one of these properties has the making of a mine.” [Ref: Mines Handbook, 1931, p. 267]. XF. Est. $30-60

327. Canada. Quebec. Temiskaming. Micmac Gold Mining Co. Cert #1590. Incorporated in Maine. Issued to Max Keller for 100 shares in 1908. Signed by William B. Arnold president and Moore treasurer. Vignette of an Indian chief at top center. Green border and underprint. Uncancelled. Printer not noted. 7 x 11”. The consignor believes this company had its operations in the Temiskaming district, Quebec. Minor wear to fold creases. Fine to very fine. Est. $40-80