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Our parent company www.Kagins.com

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American Numismatic Association

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Numismatic Guaranty Corporation www.ngccoin.com

Neighborhood Mint

The Neighborhood Mint, Dahlonega in Age of Jackson by Sylvia Gailey Head and Elizabeth W. Etheridge. Get it from Gold Rush Gallery


Issues relevant to collecting antique stocks and bonds from North American railroads. www.coxrail.blogspot.com


Washingtion historical autograph and certificate orginization. www.whaco.com

Beatty Museum & Historicial Society (Bullfrog Mining District)

Nevada State Railroad Museum (Carson City, NV)

Daly's Mining Shop Historical western gold mining stocks & bonds (scripophily) priced for the budget of the average collector. Nice selection of Black Hills related certificates. Site is updated daily, so visit often!

Nevada State Museums

Nevada Historicial Society (Reno, NV)

Nevada State Museum and Historical Society (Las Vegas, NV)

White Pine Historical & Archaeological Society (Ely, NV)

Treasuredstocks.com For your pick of dot com stocks, speciemens and fun bank notes.

For answers to your paper questions and Scripophily for sale.

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